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Deal on CBG Seeds – Get Compliant Crops This Season!

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Start this harvest season on the right foot by using high-quality CBG seeds for your harvest – powerful, popular and always in compliance with the law.

We currently have an amazing range of premium hemp flower seeds with a high CBG content that range from 18% to 21% when grown indoors. This strain is a phenotype of 5-year genetics, 9 iterations of CBG flowers from the state of Indiana in the Midwest.

Genetics can be tailored to the customer-specific climate, as is currently the case in semi-arid regions. This breeder also supplements his pollen bank with 7th generation genetics and can highlight the genetics in a controlled environment and produce specific phenotypes.

If you are curious about what the end product of these CBG seeds is likely to look like, look at the picture below.


Now let's talk numbers. Usually these seeds are sold for around $ 2.50 each, but are currently available for less than $ 2 each. This is an excellent investment as pound cut CBG flowers are currently selling for $ 600-700 per pound. Compare this to just $ 140-170 per pound of cut CBD flowers. The price of CBG flowers may drop somewhat in the coming months, but is nowhere near as high as for CBD flowers. For CBG flowers, a variety that is compliant and sells quickly, the price remains relatively high.

We have a minimum order of 25,000 seeds covering 10 acres at 2500-2800 seeds / acre. Anything else would hardly be worth the time, effort and investment to cultivate.

When you go through all the flower growing work, you don't want your crop to be ruined by inferior or non-compliant seeds. Do it right from the start.


Since CBG is synthesized in other cannabinoids, including THC, strains with a high CBG content are generally very low in other cannabinoids. This means that strains with a high CBG content consistently produce less than 0.3% THC. This is now the limit according to the recently published USDA hemp growing regulations.

Many CBD-rich cannabis strains, especially those with more than 10-15% CBD, produce significantly more than 0.3% THC. While this was previously only regulated loosely, from next year all hemp plants will have to test below the tightened limit of 0.3% THC. This means that many of the genetics currently used are no longer legally compliant.

In fact, most strains of CBD in the market today don't meet these standards, and some farmers face the need for law enforcement to destroy their harvests.

Make sure this doesn't happen if you buy legal flowers from the start.

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