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Pure Capsule Firm Assessment | READ BEFORE BUYING

Full spectrum CBD oil drops – 750 mg

First of all, we have full spectrum CBD oil drops. Each bottle contains 750 mg and the recommended amount varies with each person.

My opinion on the overall appearance of the product was that it was a premium product. The color of the product was light purple / pink. The liquid was completely clear and I could easily see the markings on the tip of the drop with the liquid in it. It appeared to be of very high quality and the viscosity matched with every drop.

The product was extremely easy to use, from opening the bottle to pressing the pipette to soak up the tincture. I give it a 9 rating because there was literally no error using this product.


The taste of the tincture is called mint. When I opened the bottle, my nostrils immediately noticed a rich and instantly soothing aroma of mint that was very similar to the smell of freshly chopped mint. With my first taste of the tincture, I actually tasted a soft and rolling mint taste. The scent of the tincture brought me back to snow-covered memories of Christmas peppermint, rich and soothing. The texture was oily, but not slimy. I found it easy to hold the tincture under my tongue for a few seconds and was rewarded with a pleasant tingling sensation on my tongue. As soon as I swallowed the tincture, the tingling sensation slid down my neck, leaving a lasting taste of the gentle minty taste.

Overall I would rate the taste as 9. I chose this rating because I would have liked a slightly strong mint flavor, but that's only because I love mint flavors. The mint taste was slightly mentholed, but not overwhelming. I was extremely satisfied with both the taste and the smell of the tincture.


The price of the tincture is listed on the company's website, both as a one-time purchase of $ 79.95 and a monthly subscription of $ 63.95. I think this price is very fair because other tinctures on the market are rated similarly, if not higher.

I would certainly recommend this to a friend as I believe that CBD is a product that is the target of extreme misinformation. It is difficult to dissuade the public from thinking that CBD and THC are the same or that CBD contains the hallucinogenic properties of weeds. If I can turn someone to CBD for their healing properties (and away from the risks of THC), I will certainly do so.