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CBD stands for self-care: Austin's green rush industry is booming – food

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Grassroots Harvest owner Kemal Whyte (Courtesy of Grassroots Harvest)

Our country is struggling with riots and struggles for justice, and we have hard work to do. But to fight the good fight, it is important to take care of the physical body. One option is our soothing CBD (cannabidiol), and Austin has a number of great options (including some fresh new products) to take away. We have summarized a few favorites, including a recipe for honey-lemon CBD muffins in the online version.

Grassroots Harvest This black Austin South Austin company has been making CBD tinctures and the like for several years (they even made my top 10 list), but they are now proud to announce a brand new product: PEARL, a CBD infused product latex-safe personal water-based lubricant with 50 milligrams of CBD in 50 milliliters of lubricant. Owner Kemal Whyte, who immigrated from Jamaica at the age of 11, said: "I have been a business owner for years and have done my best for a long time not to concentrate as I wanted to. Known as a business owner who is regardless of race, has a positive impact on my community. However, given the current events, it is more important than ever to stand up as a proud black business owner and express my opinion. I kind of see the current situation like a battery. The positive charge is open discourse and conversation , the negative charge marches and protests: Both charges, both forms of energy, are required for the battery to function, positive and negative must come together and fight for a common goal, so that we can see the changes that we all want, the problems with which the blacks are only properly considered if they have a noticeable influence on the amer ican society or economy. But they are getting attention now. And maybe it will be enough to put rea I am moving. "

Kara Jordan, co-owner of Blenders & Bowls, said: "Adding CBD to a smoothie bowl is a great combination because you get all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables mixed in the bowl and a dose of chill from the CBD in times like Great. People need to stay healthy by eating whole foods and keeping stress low. "The local Acai Cafe has five locations in Austin and offers a CBD bowl with tons of fresh fruits and vegetables and local brand RESTART, an organic CBD company founded by two sisters. www.restartcbd.com; www.blendersandbowls.com.

Robert Rosenheck, founder and CEO of Lord Jones, said: "When we are not in our best shape, it is difficult to care for others. Our products offer a moment of zen in the midst of all this uncertainty and stress." While the luxury brand is not an Austin product, it is available from Milk & Honey, Hotel Saint Cecilia, Sabia Apothecary and Massage Sway & Tenoverten, among others. The new CBD-infused Acid Mantle Repair Moisturizer for the entire plant has been specially developed for facial repair – to support the moisture barrier and to balance the skin, which is particularly useful for those who wear masks all day. And to support Pride Month, there is a new rainbow version of their CBD gummy bears. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to LA Pride, West Hollywood, to support their efforts with PLATform, a policy, leadership and advocacy training program to support and educate the transgender and non-binary communities. www.lordjones.com.

GRAV, an Austin-based company, was recently one of the first companies to receive a license to grow its own hemp flower in Texas. "The glass joints are particularly relevant now that the days of puff, puff, pass are over – at least for the foreseeable future. We see that consumers are buying flowers in bulk and are looking for more personalized products to deliver this flower – as before – rolls and glass joints. "And they recently launched their CBD glass joints, which will soon be available for nationwide shipping. (GRAV officially entered the cannabis industry in March and worked with Eel River Organics in California to become one of the first Texas-based companies to license a legal THC market.) Www.gravcbd.com.

CBD TakeOut, an online marketplace headquartered here in the city, curates all types of CBD products – drops / tinctures, groceries, tobacco and current products, including Willie & # 39; s Remedy, the CBD branch of Cannabis lines from Willie Nelson. Co-owner Jeremy Kinder said, "Insecurity can trigger fear and CBD has the natural ability to calm this inner storm. CBD, along with disciplining your thoughts and breathing daily, can drastically reduce anxiety. In-place has been reduced introduced, we saw a great need for our products, and then we made them available at wholesale prices to relieve people. "www.cbdtakeout.com.

SunUP, another local CBD company, offers a range of Zero products that don't even contain the industry standard of 0.3% THC for those who can't even consume trace amounts in addition to their full spectrum products. They also have things for four-legged friends in our lives. www.sunup-cbd.com.

Of course, Austin is a nonprofit community for natural CPG products in Austin. Eight new bundles with local manufacturers have recently been announced, including a self-care bundle with a CBD element. Part of the proceeds from the bundles go to Keep Austin Fed, a local nonprofit that uses excess food and distributes it to our needy neighbors. Amplifier, an Austin-based merchandise logistics company, assembles bundles that are available nationwide. Executive director Emily Kealey said, "Of course Austin chose Keep Austin Fed because so many of its partners are in the food and beverage industry. This nonprofit helps the most unsafe food in the community." The # SELFCARE bundle contains PrepU Charcoal Face Scrub. Crux RECOVER functional tablets; Sanara's body butter and body polish; The good hippie calm apartment fog; a 7th Street Candle Co. 6 ounces. Candle; CatSpring Pedernales Green Yaupon Tea; Tea Drops & # 39; Glow Hibiscus Tea Sprinkles; Bibi Beverages Nightcap Alcohol Detox Shot; and the CBD Functional Mushroom Charcoal Face Masks from Mushroom Revival. www.naturallyaustin.org.

Cheekywell, an Austin-based company that specializes in tinctures, skin care, and chocolates, and has a complete line tailored to women's needs (like the pre-rolled PMS hemp flower joints with cramp relief), has recently launched its favorite honey recipe – Lemon muffins released (see Chronicle) Cooking online), complete with CBD. www.cheekywell.com.

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