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Kat’s Botanicals Overview | MUST READ

Today we don't have one, not two, but three different CBD oils that we can discuss with you with the kind permission of Kats Botanicals! This particular company is known for its premium CBD products and reputation for growing hemp in Colorado at a very high altitude of over 8000 feet! This allows the CBD to retain many of the nutrients and cannabinoids that are not found in other cannabis strains. The combination of CBD and MCT oil in a single product has made Kat's reputation as one of the best CBD products on the market. I have the pleasure of reviewing her vanilla, blueberry and natural flavor tinctures today. Let's look at that now!


Kat’s Botanicals grows all of its hemp in Colorado and uses a unique ethanol extraction process to produce its full spectrum of CBD products.

Every single Kat & # 39; s Botanical product has over 100 ratings, with the flavored tinctures rated 4.5 stars. The blueberry tincture had 153 reviews, the vanilla tincture had 155 reviews and the natural tincture had 152 reviews. I was shocked by the number of reviews per product as it shows how many people have tried and loved each tincture. The company's Facebook page has a total rating of 4.8 out of 316 reviews. I can honestly say that all tinctures (and the large amount of products they offer) made their customers very happy.

The company's trustworthiness is so high that it is no longer on the charts. Their website is full of useful information from where they can expand their CBD and Kratom to their informative blog. They also sell shilajit and turmeric if you are also interested in such products. If you have questions that are not answered in the website's FAQ, there is a chat button that connects you instantly to the customer service representative. You can subscribe to their newsletter to receive updates and new products, or you can call or email them.

Laboratory tests

One thing I found strange about the company was that it offers lab results from third-party testers. You have to request it. For other websites, the results are listed directly on the website, but not for Kats. It may be easier to just ask customers because of the variety of products available on the website. However, this could be a turn off for some consumers.


One of my favorite things about these tinctures was their soothing packaging. Each smoked glass bottle was almost completely wrapped with a dark green label, leaving just enough space on the edge to show how much tincture was left. The label was extremely professional, with clear, easy-to-read text and bright white lettering. Each label was labeled 1000 mg, but the color of the label reflected the taste of the tincture (navy blue = blueberry, dark red = natural and white / gold = vanilla). Each ingredient list had different listings depending on your taste, but we'll go through that in a moment. Finally, each bottle had a label with a recommended usage section, which also indicated that the dosage would vary by person. Overall, the label was by far one of the most beautiful and professional labels I've ever seen for a CBD product.

Each of these tinctures is a highly effective full spectrum CBD oil. Each bottle was sealed with perforated plastic to ensure that the tincture was never opened. The child-resistant caps did not cause me any problems when unscrewing, but none of the droppers had graduated markings to tell you how much tincture was actually in the dropper. The liquid for each of these tinctures was brownish yellow in color and reminded me of aged bourbon. The viscosity for each of these tinctures was smooth and even across the bottle. The texture of all the tinctures under the tongue was oily and silky, with little difficulty keeping them under my tongue. As previously mentioned, each of these tinctures had a different taste. Let's start with the blueberry tincture since I've never had a blueberry CBD tincture before and I really wanted to see what it was like.


The ingredients for the blueberry tincture were full spectrum hemp extract, MCT coconut oil, natural aroma with natural tocopherols and ethyl alcohol. When I unscrewed the childproof cap, I held the bottle close to my nose to see if there was a smell of blueberries. It definitely had a distinct blueberry scent, but also a slight chemical smell emitted by the full-spectrum CBD. Knowing that the taste was blueberry, the mind over matter helped me to recognize a blueberry scent. The taste of this tincture can best be described if it is reminiscent of blueberries. Carry with me now! There is no sweet and overwhelming blueberry taste like you would find in a drink or food. It doesn't even smell of blueberries! Rather, it has a slight blueberry taste under the tongue, which fades to a slightly bitter aftertaste when the tincture is swallowed. It is actually very pleasant and makes you think of blueberries.


The ingredients for the vanilla tincture were full spectrum hemp extract, MCT coconut oil, sunflower oil, natural aroma with natural tocopherols and ethyl alcohol. I was really curious about the scent of this tincture since vanilla is usually not a strong scent. When I unscrewed the childproof cap and held it close to my nose, I was disappointed but not surprised that I couldn't smell anything near vanilla. I discovered a soothing smell of hemp, but unfortunately no vanilla. After rolling the tincture around in my mouth, it took me at least five seconds to find a very faint trace of vanilla. But it vanished as quickly as it came, leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste and a very oily tongue. I wasn't particularly impressed with the taste, but I can understand how difficult it is to put a light taste like vanilla into an overwhelming hemp-flavored tincture.


While the other two tinctures contained a long list of ingredients, the naturally flavored CBD tincture contained only two ingredients: pure hemp oil extract and MCT oil. The other two tinctures had very light and gentle scents, so I had to hold the bottles close to my nose. Don't make this mistake with the natural flavor tincture! My nostrils were blasted with a sharp smell of hemp as soon as I held the bottle under my nose. However, the taste was very soft. I was expecting a harsh taste that matched the fragrance, but it was pleasant and soothing. The tincture was easy to hold under my tongue, and when I swallowed it left an aftertaste of pine. However, the tincture was not to the point where it was rough. The taste of this tincture really impressed me more than the blueberry or vanilla. I would rather use this taste than the others.

The tinctures were very easy to use, but I wasn't happy with one thing … The droppers are not graduated droppers, which means you don't know how much you take in a single dropper. It might look half full or third, but since there are no markings on the pipette, you really have to guess. In addition, the droppers do not fill completely, making it difficult to judge how much you should take each time to see how this affects you. For this reason, I give the product's user-friendliness a rating of 7. The bottles were easy to unscrew and the plastic packaging detached thanks to the perforated lines. The bottles were also easy to screw back on and the placement of the glass and label made it easy to check how much tincture was left over time.

Effects & benefits

The advantages of the product were very effective. I mainly use CBD for stress and relaxation as my day is filled with projects that need to be completed and need to be read / checked all the time. I noticed that when using this product I have a better focus and discipline to manage my time. I give it a rating of 8.

I would definitely recommend these products to a friend. I was particularly happy that the tinctures were available in unique flavors such as blueberries and vanilla. If you prefer non-flavored tinctures, Kat & # 39; s non-flavored tincture is a smooth rolling hemp flavor that many users can enjoy.

Price versus value

The cost of each of these tinctures is $ 64.99. I found this a fair deal as most tinctures fall below the $ 60-70 price. There was no subscription price to make it a little cheaper, but with such a fair price, it's easy to get hold of them without breaking the bank.

Company information

The company's name is Kat & # 39; s Botanicals and the website is https://katsbotanicals.com. The company is based in New Jersey, but its CBD is grown in Colorado and its kratom in Indonesia! When a company uses all available resources, you can be sure that you are getting a unique product with trustworthy ingredients.


My final conclusion is that Kat & # 39; s Botanicals deserves every part of its fame. Your website is overflowing with helpful information, with a section called the CBD Bible that talks extensively about CBD. Your products are rated by literally hundreds of people and each product has a rating of 4.5 or higher. The inclusion of a chat button was reassuring that every question was answered as quickly as possible and that their prices reflect their quality. Since the taste is subjective, you may think that the tincture's ratings were a bit harsh, but I invite you to try it out and see for yourself! It was a real pleasure to review these products from Kat & # 39; s Botanicals. I urge anyone looking for relief from anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and many other health problems to definitely check out everything Kat & # 39; s Botanicals has to offer!