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How you can purchase Weed Information: 15 guidelines for brand spanking new weed patrons

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4. In most cases, marijuana dealers give you a lot the first time, and then you may notice that your bags are getting lighter. In this case, ask the retailer how much is in the bag and either weigh them or ask them (if you can).

5. If you meet with your dealer or he delivers, you must be patient. They are not weed delivery apps. I know it sucks Many traders have "stoner time" and will take a while to get there. You just have to deal with it sometimes, but you have to realize that they also have lives.

6. Here are some examples of the right way to ask your dealer about weeds by phone / text: "What's up? Do you have any?" "Hey man, are you good?" or "Can I meet you?"

7. Find a good place to stow your weeds while it comes home. Either in your car or on yourself. DO NOT Put your weed in the little pocket in your jeans, this is the first place that cops look. Discreet stash boxes come in handy. You have now Arizona iced tea, Monster energy, Household items, Pantry supplies and Beverage can looking for stash cans.

8. If you are a woman, it can be beneficial to be a little flirtatious. Boys are fools for cute girls and if it matters, he'll give you the bigger bag than he'll give me, if he even thinks there's a chance.

9. Master the passport and go handshake. When dealing with people on the street or in public, they often give you weeds and expect you to pass the money on at the same time. It's not that hard, just practice with a friend if you have to.

10. If you buy small quantities, have exact change! Nobody wants the extra work of giving you change for the cent you just bought when they don't have to.

11. Look comfortable. If you look nervous, your dealer will get nervous. Just act casually as you do every day (which you will likely be soon).

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