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43 CBD Tincture and Ointment Review 2020


I've found tinctures to be some of the most unique forms of CBD, as the taste of the tincture will determine whether or not I want to use it again. It might be the best CBD on the planet, but when it tastes awful, I have a hard time using it myself. These tinctures are recommended for use 1-3 times a day at 15-25 mg per day. You can also add these to your favorite drink, lunch snack, or other food source if you don't like putting the dropper under your tongue.

Two of these tinctures are available year-round, while the cinnamon is actually a seasonal flavor. You must therefore check regularly whether it is available. There is currently a Pumpkin Spice Ink Flavor on the website that looks absolutely wonderful and I am very tempted to buy this to add some autumnal CBD to my everyday life. But now let's take a look at the cinnamon, peppermint, and natural flavor tinctures we have today!

CBD tincture quality

For the natural hemp flavor, the list of ingredients was pretty simple: organic golden hemp seed oil and organic whole hemp extract. For the list of ingredients for cinnamon and peppermint, there was the same organic golden hemp seed oil and organic whole hemp extract, but there was also organic cinnamon oil and organic peppermint oil.

43CBD uses ethanol extraction to realize the full potential of its CBD, and the use of organic oils shows that the company believes in using high quality ingredients in the manufacture of its tinctures.

The dark 30 ml glass bottles are almost identical with a few differences. The cinnamon tincture was in a dark glass red bottle, the peppermint tincture in a dark green glass bottle and the natural hemp flavor in a dark black glass bottle. The labels are almost completely wrapped around the bottle, leaving enough space to see how much tincture you have left. On the front of the label is the 43CBD logo as well as the amount of CBD (1000 mg) and the amount of mg per ml (34 mg / ml).

On the underside of the label, the tincture aroma is indicated in the color of the corresponding aroma. There is an FDA disclaimer on the right side of the label, an invitation to visit the company's website (https://www.43cbd.com), a QR code, and manufacturing information. On the left side of the label, you can view the full list of ingredients, recommended use and storage recommendations. The entire label is extremely professional and attention to detail, which reflects the actual company very much. One thing I really appreciated was a sticker that was neatly placed between the edges of the label that had the batch number (this is also the date the product was created. The website recommends that you use the product within 180 days of the date of manufacture with it You have quite a bit of time to use the tincture before it expires, now that we've gone through each tincture, let's see how each tincture tastes!

Tincture laboratory reports

Just like the ointments, 43CBD provides lab reports for all tinctures. When you click the Lab Results tab, a link will appear that you can click to view reports for all products. A PDF will open in a new tab so you can scroll at will without going back to the previous page. And that concludes our preliminary look at the tinctures so now we can open them up and try each tincture! Let's begin!