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Learn how to make cannabis coconut oil

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The term “cannabis coconut oil” finally triggers me. I always think of one of the greatest duos in the American television series. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad!

You have to think about the connection between the two. Well, there certainly is. While cbd in cannabis coconut oil is as strong as Heisenberg, the coconut in it is smooth and comforting like Jesse.

As you can see, two ingredients work together here to create something as brilliant and ingenious as cannabis coconut oil. White and Pinkman were both the main ingredients for meth.

Isn't it great that you only need two ingredients to make something as good as meth? Arghhh! I mean cannabis-infused coconut oil. Now you know why I love that analogy don't you?

But the point is: you can be Walter and Jesse of your kitchen.

If you're wondering what you can cook as precisely as meth, I'll give you a good recipe to turn you into Walter and Jesse from your kitchen. Well it's obvious. I'm talking about recipes for cannabis coconut oil.

If you think you are not an expert, let me share four engaging facts about this recipe with you. Trust me; You give up everything you're doing and run straight to your kitchen.

Reason number one … the cbd coconut oil recipe is super easy. You don't have to be Gordon Ramsay to get this out of this. In fact, people of all ages can do it (provided they fall into the legal age group).

Reason number two … The recipe takes about 4 hours. But you wouldn't be engaged for 15 minutes. The remaining 3+ hours are the cooking time. Beginner or not a beginner, the recipe won't oblige you in the kitchen for long.

Reason number three … You don't need a reason to cook cannabis-infused recipes. The infusion of weed varieties in every recipe has been gaining traction lately. Desserts, confectionery, fraudulent meals, dinners – you won't let cbd out of the picture now.

I'm not sure meth has any nutritional benefits. But cannabis coconut oil has.

I have no idea why Jesse and Walter sold meth. I know the substance has been banned. Perhaps it had no nutritional effects as traditional drugs and gave heartache. So they had to play with fire and guns to sell batches of meth.

But your hands are not tied with cannabis coconut oil. Two decades ago you would have been in a similar situation to these duo meth scientists. But medical cannabis is legal today. So you don't have to mess around with cops who can point guns at you because you only have one herb.

The algorithm is now pretty simple. You get yourself cbd oil and get started! That's it: no moral policing, no threat. The therapeutic effects of cannabis and coconut oil are exciting.

You can never be sure if meth really benefited someone. But cbd coconut oil does. So you want this worthy addition to your kitchen's recipe book. And that's not the end. The taste of cannabis coconut oil tastes like a super-hearty blend in front of you.

What are you waiting for? Let's cook meth … I mean cannabis coconut oil!

This time … I'm assuming you don't have cannabis oil with you. So we can do it.

One of the easy ways to get started with our cannabis infused coconut oil recipe is to buy cannabis oil from pharmacies or online stores. I'm a big fan of CBD oils as they give any recipe a massive head start, at least around 30 to 45 minutes.

But in case you don't have cannabis oil, we have to get some little bargains. Time is one of them. It doesn't take long for your cannabis oil to be made from the strain, however. So without further ado, let's make our cannabis oil.

Waiting! Before choosing the recipe, you'll need to decarboxylate your variety of weed.

You might ask what on earth is – whatever – late! I had the same reaction to hearing it for the first time. If I had to tell you what it is, I would say that some unsexy things in life completely change the meaning. They don't think it's necessary until you have major problems and keep improving.

Decarboxylation is the unsexy thing that is the most important step before cooking a cannabis infused recipe, let alone cbd infused coconut oil. But mostly many “experts” miss this. Reason? I dont know!

So decarb-whatever-late is like activating your strain at full strength. If you miss this step, you are missing an important effect. Without this: your cannabis is as useless as nipples on the breastplate.

Yes i know i know You want to start cooking your strain right away, but that won't bring you any results. Usually, raw weed varieties are useless! Their taste and smell would remain raw; its effect would be as good as dead. Besides, it would not be safe! You also don't want to waste marijuana-type dust. Why should you make the entire strain go away? So here's what we do on decarboxylation.

Decarboxylation steps

To be honest, decarboxylation takes time. But we can speed up the process with an oven. For a quickie quickie decarboxylation, please use the oven. Let's start the process now:

  • Crush Your Cannabis Strain: Flat-cut the variety into as many pieces as possible. The idea is to heat them in and out. Aww! Are you having trouble shredding it? Use the damn hand sander.
  • Preheat your oven to 220 F: You're welcome! Do not forget that. When you've chopped cannabis and placed it on the tray, the oven will get hot.
  • Place a parchment blanket on the tray: These butter or parchment papers are not sticky. We will use them as blankets on the tray so that our burden does not stick. Incidentally, cannabis is too valuable to be lost on the tray.
  • Spread the chopped variety: Slather the beauty on the tray. Don't just keep it to yourself. Let the tray enjoy the cannabis note.
  • Please put it in the oven: Heat the tray for 40-45 minutes. You need to shake it three times so that every point on the surface is heated. Sounds right? Great!

It is natural to save 40-45 minutes by decarboxylation. You would ask why is it so important? Well … here's what's going on in the background:

So raw weed has THCA, an acidic version of THC. THCA is not just THC. In fact, THCA is a precursor to THC. By precursor, I mean, it's THCA that puts THC into the picture.

You already know how restful and psychoactive weeds are. However, they only show these properties once you've decarboxylated and activated THC. The heat breaks down into what you need for a euphoric ride.

In case you forgot to decarbonize, it's fine!

While I've recommended all master chefs to decarboxylate weed before the main recipe, chances are you will miss the process at some point. It is absolutely okay to miss this.

Don't think you missed it all if you missed the decarburization process completely. All is not lost! That's the good thing about cannabis … the only difference would be, our recipe will take longer than usual. The longer cooking process does the job and you finally have the desired effect.

How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil – The Main Recipe Is Here.

We talked a lot about it and about it. Sorry, but decarboxylation was important. If you hadn't known, you'd be making the same mistakes I've made in the past (fifteen times). And once my grass that hadn't been decarburized sucked really badly. I had to brush four times that day. So you know why it was so important.

But yes! Your wait is over and we will finally answer your call. Let's start then.



  • decarburized cannabis
  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Cheesecloth

Step by step cannabis coconut oil – Recipe 1. (Hard but concentrated)

# 1 It starts with making your cannabis oil.

* There are three methods to extract CBD oil from cannabis: Solvent Extraction – Rick Simpson Method, Olive Oil Extraction – Carrier Oil Method, CO2 Extraction – Advanced Extraction Method. For a more detailed guide on how to extract, you want to go through this wonderfully written blog post. With these extraction methods you get concentrated and pure cbd. If you want full-spectrum cannabis coconut oil, see Recipe 2. *

# 2 Mix a cup of coconut oil with the cannabis oil

* You can use any coconut oil as you wish – virgin or unrefined coconut oil, refined coconut oil, or mct coconut oil. Everything would be enough. Please do not add more than the recommended dose. They can cause digestive problems that you wouldn't expect from CBD recipes. *

# 3 Use sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier in the solution.

* This is just my choice. It is not mandatory for you. Cbd oil and coconut oil cannot stay together for long. Pretty much like Jesse and Walter. You need Gus to keep them together. Think of lecithin as Gus from the series. *

# 4 Store it in a mason jar and enjoy as a staple when it suits you.

* You already know how cannabutter was the backbone of a recipe. The staple is the appropriate word for it. Cannabis coconut oil is a good alternative to cannabutter. When you're done with the recipe, try it out as a staple for any recipe you want. *

Step by step cannabis coconut oil – Recipe 2. (Simple, but with a full spectrum)

# 1 This time around, we're going to use decarbonized cannabis directly without having to convert it to oil.

* Our final recipe would be full-spectrum cannabis coconut oil. The difference between full spectrum and concentrated CBD oils is 99 and 100. They look accurate but put real effort into getting 100 out of 99. Full spectrum cannabis oil contains all of the cannabis components, including thc. As mentioned, concentrated cbd oil has the only cbd. *

# 2 Put the chopped cannabis in the mason jar.

* Put our decarbonized cannabis in the mason jar. The idea is to make it airtight. This also prevents water from entering our buds when heated. *

# 3 Add coconut oil and sunflower lecithin as above.

* Again we're going to add a cup of coconut water and a tablespoon of sunflower lecithin. *

# 4 Pour cold water into a utensil. Put the closed jar inside. Heat!

* We want to cook our closed jar for 2 to 3 hours. Make sure the water doesn't get into the glass. So I ask you to make it airtight. *

# 5 Pass through the cheesecloth.

* You can also use a coffee filter. When the liquid is poured, tie the knot on the cheesecloth and gently press on it. We're going to hold onto that last drop of cannabis. Please don't press it too hard. You could end up with cbd humus in your oil. We don't want this pollution. You can use it as an organic fertilizer in your garden. *

# 6 Let the cannabis coconut oil cool down. And voila! You cracked the recipe.

* Let the weed infused coconut oil cool for a moment. You can also keep it in the refrigerator. Use it as a staple when guests have knocked your home. *

Heisenberg was obsessed with perfect meth. You must be obsessed with your products too! Here is the factor that will help you be one.

  • Temperature control: Do not heat your cannabis above 300 F. More heat does not mean preparing it early. It just means denature the quality of the weeds.
  • The cannabis strain: The quality of cannabis infused coconut oil will vary from start to finish on the strain you use. The decarboxylation period also varies between different strains. You have to play around certain temperatures for certain buds.
  • The freshness of the product: Again, the quality of your oil depends heavily on the freshness of the product. Sieve, coconut oil, etc. Everything must be of first class quality

Coconut oil infused with CBD works better on people with patience. No I am serious.

Now you know the recipe and you want to overuse it. Trust me! That won't take you anywhere. More cannabis coconut oil concentrate does not guarantee healthy effects on your body.

Because they have different effects on different people, but people who show patience will get the best result. It is not rocket science, however. You have to wait for the effects to be seen.

Start with a minimal dose. See how it reacts over the next two hours. If it doesn't work, you can increase it. Sounds good? Brilliant! You may need to discuss this with your doctor for an exact dosage.

So did you do it?

I assume that you killed the recipe with your experimental head. Let me know how to find this quick cannabis coconut oil recipe. Just in case you want to drop your valued suggestions, we have a comment section below.

What are you waiting for? Let the recipe come.

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