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Plant Individuals CBD Evaluate 2020


Tinctures have long been promoted as a simple yet effective way to incorporate CBD into your daily life. Whether you put a dropper under your tongue, add it to your morning coffee, or sprinkle something over your lunch snack, the tincture makes adding CBD easy to your day.

Plant people CBD tincture quality

For the tincture for body and mind, the ingredients are organic full-spectrum hemp extract and organic MCT oil (coconut). The list of ingredients for sleeping tinctures is a little longer and contains organic full-spectrum hemp extract-organic coconut MCT oil-organic terpenes: myrcene, linalool, humulene, geraniol, terpineol, delta-3-carene and nerolidol. Finally, the Relief Tincture contains an ingredient list with the following ingredients: organic full-spectrum hemp extract, organic fractionated coconut oil (MCT), organic hemp oil, turmeric oil, black pepper oil, ginger oil and vitamin E.

As with the capsules, these tinctures contain full spectrum CBD. Plant People only uses 100% organically grown hemp from Colorado. The CBD is extracted from across the plant to make a holistic tincture oil. Many hemp from overseas lack the high quality and potency that Plant People wants to offer its customers.

And now that we've reviewed the ingredients, third-party testing, and the prices of the tinctures, it's time to check out the actual product right away! Let's dive in and see what these three 5ml bottles from the starter pack have to offer!

Plants People CBD Drops + Tincture Experience

The starter pack is delivered in a slim and very plain white cardboard box with flaps that prevent accidental opening. There is a picture of hemp plants with golden buds in the center and the company name on the front flap, but the packaging is very indescribable. When you open the box, a neatly lined trio of tinctures sit in perfectly shaped cutouts to keep them from lying around. There is a short note on the top of the box that tells what each tincture is best for. It was a little difficult to get the bottles out of the carbon inserts, but I used my nail on the rubber drop to clamp them out. Each of the 5 ml bottles was so dark (almost black) in color that it was almost impossible to see how much tincture was left in each bottle even after holding it up to the light. Each bottle had a white label, but each label had a different color lettering and a top stripe to distinguish between the three (sleeping tincture was a calming blue, Mind + Body was gold, and relief was red).

Although they are different tinctures for different functions, each had the same information on the label (except for the name and color): instructions for use, bottle size, hemp variety and seal on the side (gluten-free, vegan-friendly, THC-free, organic cultivated and GMO-free). A perforated plastic case was placed around the unscrewable pipette to ensure none of the tinctures had been tampered with. I carefully unscrewed each one and observed the smell and color of each one. The sleeping tincture had the darkest color (similar to olive oil) and the most pungent hemp odor of the three oils. The Mind + Body tincture was the lightest color (almost as light as lemonade yellow) and smelled so faintly of hemp that I had to stick almost my entire nose into the little bottle to even recognize a smell. The relief tincture was somewhere in the middle of the other two, very pale yellow in color, but with a noticeable smell of hemp.

Oddly enough, only the Mind + Body Drops and the Relief Drops had graduated droppers. Sleep didn't, which made it impossible to see how much I was consuming in a single session. Instead, I just sucked up what looked like a drop and let it go under my tongue.

Drops + sleeping tincture

The sleeping tincture was smooth and oily and was very easy to hold under my tongue for the recommended 30 seconds. The taste was earthy and had a distinct hemp taste that was pleasant. When I swallowed, I had a light and almost sweet aftertaste that lingered on my taste buds for a few seconds. I could very easily imagine taking a drop of it before going to bed as the taste was calming and pleasant.

Drops + relief tincture

Next we have the relief tincture, which I call "the middle child" as it appeared to be the same color as the Mind + Body oil but had a similar odor to the sleep oil. I carefully measured half a pipette (0.5 ml) on the graduated pipette and placed it under my tongue. I had some difficulty holding this tincture under my tongue for the recommended 30 seconds. When I swallowed, I had a slightly bitter, very small aftertaste that made me think I had swallowed a sip of pine needles. It wasn't particularly uncomfortable, but I reached for a glass of water to wash off the taste of the tincture.

Mind + body tincture

Finally we have the Mind + Body tincture. As the tincture with the lightest color and the faintest odor, I was curious to see how this tincture would taste. I measured half of the pipette (0.5 ml) and let it go under my tongue. The tincture was smooth and easy to hold under my tongue for thirty seconds and had barely any taste in my mouth. It wasn't until I swallowed the tincture that I discovered a real taste. The oiliness of the taste came out, coating my throat with a faint pine-flavored taste, similar to a pine-flavored cough drop. There was a slight hemp aftertaste in my mouth for a few seconds, but within a minute it was completely gone.

Overall, these tiny tinctures were the perfect way to test all three of the plant human oils. I was very impressed with the packaging, taste, and usefulness of each tincture. If you're considering getting any of these full-size tinctures, be sure to check out this sample set first. You can also buy it as a gift as it comes in discreet packaging and can be a great gift for those looking for a natural approach to their health issues.

Laboratory tests

Just like the capsules, the tinctures have lab reports, which are in the description in the middle of the page. Simply click the "View Our Lab Report" tab to read third-party test results. You will have to scroll through the entire PDF to find the lab result for the product you are looking for. However, the test results are very clearly written and informative.