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WeedAdvisor Grand Opening – WeedAdvisor

Welcome to WeedAdvisor!

We recently opened our doors to the public in September and are a family owned and operated OCS certified business! We pride ourselves on working in a family-oriented neighborhood located on 1887 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON. Our main intersection is Lawrence and Avenue Road. If the best bang for your buck was a business, It would be WeedAdvisor!

A little background on WeedAdvisor, The Store and The People behind the counter.

As already mentioned, we are a family company. Our owners are happily married and have lovely little families. You have been very passionate about this company for a number of years. Apart from that, we are also a female company with a strong female team! Our business reflects the beauty of simplicity. We have a large open space with lots of natural light. Our customers are not only welcome but also encouraged to take a tour of our space! Our business is a safe place for everyone. We pride ourselves on serving the black, indigenous and LGBTQ communities. During Covid-19 we are very careful about cleaning all surfaces after each visit. Masks are always mandatory, but if you forget yours, don't worry! We have additional masks to keep everyone safe.