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5 Weed Merchandise Rapper Downside Can't Reside With out

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Last week, West Coast legend Problem released a track called 4 the Low. In the song's video, you can see the Compton-raised MC talking to co-star Wiz Khalifa about broad strategy, driving his eyes through the streets of Los Angeles, old-school and rhyming with Wiz before super-fine drives.

Mike & Keys and Vangogh are two lines of trouble that distill the entire mood:

The black market on the east side is packed and got rich

For the same thing they do now, homis are locked up and I'm pissed off

The problem isn't the first MC to express anger at the complexion differences within legal weed ownership. But there's something about this rapper's belief that the problem is fresh.

The hot verse of the problem isn't the most remarkable thing about 4 the Low. There's an artificial stock market tracker at the bottom of the video. The numbers are creeping up: The brands Viola, Monogram and Dr. Greenthumb, run by celebrities of the color, are on the rise. Coincidentally, there is also Coffee and Kush, known as a pair of 2020 Problem albums, and the coffee cup and pipe Problem uses in the video. A little more than self-promotion, there is a message in the hip hop artist's wishful thinking.

I just think it's time they allow us to have something that is ours and let us talk about how we want to do it, he said. If this thing goes at the federal level, you will find that the minorities are not as greedy as you think they are. We want everyone to win. We don't hate anyone. We just want to make sure we're fine too.

Problem, whose government name is Jason Martin, told Weedmaps that its first edible product came from mom's kitchen. His cannabis roots go deep and can be felt in THC-backed verse he traded with top-notch rappers like his mentor Snoop Dogg and Freddie Gibbs. Most notably, he wrote the hook and is the first voice to be heard on the most troubled banger of all time, Function.

Problem & # 39; s Coffee and Kush: the concept

Problem has only fully embraced weed as a brand under quarantine. Sometime between his 2018 appearance on the Wiz Khalifa album Gin & Drugs and 2020, the guy slowed down. The question: Who would have thought I would fall off like me? from the 2018 mixtape S2 could give clues as to why he's having a hard time being a standout partygoer.

Problem became the guy in line with his girl getting morning coffee and the early morning java runs opened his eyes. I wasn't the only one who smelled like weed at Starbucks, he said. There is a whole morning market that no one has opened up.

The Starbucks reveal started with the problem of thinking about the audience for Java and Bud, but the name was inspired by Khalifa. He'd listened to his groundbreaking mixtape Kush and Orange Juice and thought Wiz should have started an orange juice company, it probably would have been awesome. Then it was: No, I should start a coffee company.

Eventually, the rapper realized that he wanted to start a coffee company and a marijuana dispensary. There are currently three or four brands in development as well as a new partnership with the Green Label brand in Los Angeles. Coffee and Kusch: The pipe tumblers and music collections are his broad-based beginning.

It is very, very important that you can monetize your music, especially in this day and age. With the lack of touring [and] streaming numbers really not paying off as they should.

With the release of Problem & # 39; s coffeehouse slick coffee and Kush mix tape last May, the pipe combo cups came along. A second volume of this mixtape followed. Now the rapper entrepreneur is taking his next steps to rename what was formerly known as hippie speedball The New Chicken and Waffles.

But Problem, an old school smoker, has certain preferences and rituals when it comes to rolling up. Here are four more products he can't live without.


I'm so old-fashioned man. I am an old guy. I like to roll up a zigzag that hits damn hard. Just come to my zone, boo. I like the black zigzags, the long ones. No disrespect to Raw or anyone else. But I can roll a perfect zigzag joint in less than 20 seconds.

Medical marijuana

Once a well-known party boy on the West Coast mixtape scene, Problem claims the lifestyle some call California Sober claims he's out of aspirin. If the weeds don't fix it, it's my time to go.

Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush was the weed that got me highest. He gave me this shit and I was fucking stuck. This boy has the best weeds out here that is legal. This was my go-to place before I was with my boy Steve.

Problem said that for the past three years he has almost exclusively used cannabis grown by a 60-year-old unlicensed Los Angeles grower named Haitian Steve who will only sell him an ounce at a time. He loves these plants. He sings to them, fucking reads to them, plays jazz. You can tell it's weed for the creative.

Cannabis and Kush Combo Pipe Mug

Since that coffee and kush mug came out, that's pretty much all I've been using, brother. Let a nug in here. I'm gonna shit very quickly. I have my coffee, I can drink it. I don't have to look for papers and all that shit. The mug keeps me from getting too high because I'm going to curl up my ass and smoke way too much, that's my temper right now. I use the product I am selling very often. I have it in my damn hand right now.

Selected image courtesy of Problem. Graphic by David Lozada / Weedmaps

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