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Are weeds authorized in Georgia? (Nation)

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This article is about the state of Georgia, not the American state. The country of Georgia is part of the caucus region between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Depending on how you define Europe, the country can be part of either continent depending on how you define it. Officially, weeds are legal in Georgia. Conversely, however, Georgia is not believed to be in the same boat as Canada and Uruguay, the only two countries where legal recreational herbs are fully available.

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Georgia and its place in the world

Georgia is by far the most cannabis-friendly former Soviet state. What's even more surprising is that it borders some of Russia's most violent and unstable regions, with legal weeds right across the border. That's not to say Georgia doesn't have its own share of conflict (it definitely does) or that weeds are the answer to achieving peace (it couldn't hurt, however). Georgia itself has two Russian-occupied territories; South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Both are internationally controversial regions in themselves.

Georgia seems like an odd place for such liberal weed laws. Let's examine the details of everything.

Weed laws in Georgia (country)

If you're an adult in Georgia, you can smoke weed without worrying about the effects. However, this has some limitations. Still, if smoking weed puts another person at risk, you can still be legally punished.

In 2018, the Georgian Constitutional Court ruled that punishing a person for using marijuana restricts an individual's freedom, putting the country's laws somewhere between decriminalization and legalization.

However, growing or selling weeds in Georgia will continue to be a crime. The only thing that has been legalized in Georgia is weed consumption.

What's next for weed in Georgia?

The country of Georgia is also exploring the potential to export cannabis to other countries. With the medical marijuana market already quite mature and the recreational market growing rapidly, this new industry for Georgia could further support the growth of its economy.

Georgia's GDP per capita is currently around 4,700 US dollars per year, which is around 69,000 US dollars per year, which is far below that of the USA. The Georgian economy has grown steadily over the past few decades, from just around USD 750 (per capita GDP) at the beginning of the century. With Georgia being open to the idea of ​​early cannabis use, it could set the country apart and make them an economic winner. At this point, however, it is still too early to know for sure.

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