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Hashish withdrawal, is it actual or not?


Unlike harder drugs and alcohol, there is still some debate over whether not eating weeds actually leads to withdrawal symptoms, much like detoxing from other substances. What's the answer?

How exactly is cannabis detox different from others? And will it be as nasty as other detox stories you've heard of? The truth is that cannabis is very different from other drugs when it comes to detoxification. The main reasons are the fact that there is still no evidence that residual THC in your bloodstream is toxic and is unlikely to cause physical withdrawal symptoms in a person who tries to quit using the token. Let me repeatThere is no evidence that cannabis directly causes withdrawal symptoms.

Then why do people still say they have withdrawal symptoms when they take a break from cannabis?


Although cannabis has been shown not to release toxins into your bloodstream that cause physical symptoms, your mental state can cause real-life symptoms as well. Depending on how addicted you are to cannabis, e.g. For example, if you use it to get a better night's sleep, how much time you spend sober compared to when you are sober, or even if you simply use cannabis to relieve stress, these things will affect your state of mind during your detox.


Marijuana withdrawal symptoms

All over the internet there have been reports of symptoms including the worst week of my life. It seems that one of the most common symptoms (and one that I know I've experienced in the past) is insomnia. This can only take a few nights, a few weeks, and in extreme cases a few months.

There have also been reports of mood swings, irritability, and other emotionally destabilizing symptoms.

As for physical symptoms, most people hear headaches that range from very mild to persistent. Another common symptom of which many people stop using cannabis is hunger, which differs from person to person. Some people feel like they have nibbles all the time, while others cannot eat for days, and even claim to be nauseated at times.

Others experience excessive sweating, both awake and while asleep. (I know I get hand sweat when I quit smoking. The strangest thing ever in my opinion.)

Generally, most people only experience these symptoms for a few days to a week. However, this mainly depends on how heavily you smoke cannabis and how long you have smoked. Other factors will also determine how long your symptoms will last, such as your current mental state, your daily activity level (if you exercise regularly, your detox will be much smoother, I promise), and your diet before and during your detox. (Imagine you're a fish, brother. Drink lots of water.)

But wait, here's the kicker: many of you won't notice any symptoms at all. You may be able to go back and forth from toker too soberly at will, possibly because you are taking good care of yourself.

(Updated, originally published December 3, 2016)

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