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CBD lip balms, a information to the advantages this chapstick may give you

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We now have CBD oils in all types of products including lip gloss, balms, and chapsticks. In the following article, we would like to remove the veil on the benefits, uses, and frequently asked questions of using these products to treat dry, chapped lips. We also want to review the science behind these products, what is in the ingredients and what makes a quality product in this category.

What exactly is a CBD lip balm?

These lip glosses, chapsticks and balms are one of the newest trends in the beauty industry. They contain hemp-derived CBD, which has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Instead of using a topical cream, you can use these lip balms for quick relief from your lips.

Why might we use or need a lip balm or a chapstick?

To overcome the lack of double-blind clinical trials of using CBD on thousands of damaged lips, we need to understand why we use lip balm and how topical CBD can help meet those needs.
Most people use lip balm to heal or protect their lips. Those in need of healing usually suffer from excessive dryness. Others use lip balm to protect against sun, wind, or cold.

Aside from moisturizing the lips, a topical lip balm or chapstick is commonly used to treat minor cases of cheilitis, stomatitis, and cold sores. These problems can lead to discomfort, mild pain, and inflammation. None of this looks good. Especially when you get that horrible inflamed ring around your lips known as lip-tasting dermatitis. Avoid the embarrassment and get some nice all-nasLearn more about using a CBD lip balm for dry lips

Tural CBD lip balm to protect your lips and heal these treatable conditions.

What are some of the most common ingredients in a CBD chapstick or lip balm?

Obviously, CBD is the star of the show. Be careful about the type of CBD your lip balm of choice contains. The three categories of CBD are full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. If you're looking to pass a drug test, a full spectrum is usually not a good choice, but you'll likely be fine if you put just a small amount of THC on your chapped lips.

The other ingredients in CBD lip balm are very important. Unlike CBD oil, topical products offer a nice blend to get maximum benefits. Some of the most common ingredients that are safe to consume are beeswax, coconut oil, carnauba wax, and vitamin E oil (just remember, you will put this stuff on your lips and end up swallowing it). The downside to topical CBD is that many companies use fillers and other ingredients that can provide temporary relief but can be harmful to your skin and digestive system.

What would a CBD lip gloss do compared to a lip balm?

Hopefully, CBD balm will protect your lips, keep them hydrated, and look silky smooth. The greatest threat is inflammation. We don't have enough research to definitely say that topical CBD lowers inflammation, but we do have a small but promising study done on humans to make reference to it.

Specific benefits and effects we found for using a CBD lip balm product

  • Treat minor discomfort and inflammation topically with a mixture of organic and natural ingredients
    • Some of the most common ingredients found in the most popular products on the market are shea butter, hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, and cocoa butter. These ingredients have been used in cosmetic products in the past to naturally provide protection and lock in moisture.
  • With the natural plant-based oils and extracts, you can moisturize and moisturize dry, chapped and sore lips
  • The researchers evaluated the potential of CBD to treat epidermolysis bullosa in an observational study Published in PubMed. Your average lip balm won't have much of an impact on a serious skin condition like epidermolysis bullosa, but in the three patients observed in this study, CBD performed very well. All three cases reported faster wound healing, less blistering, and pain relief after using topical CBD. Epidermolysis bullosa is a painful, rare condition that blisters the skin and mucous membranes.
    • Three patients are far too small to suggest that CBD could cure any disease. However, studies conducted like the one mentioned above serve as evidence that CBD should be used in more double-blind clinical trials. If CBD is indeed capable of treating conditions like epidermolysis bullosa, you'd think the consequences of habitual lip-licking shouldn't be a problem, but we don't yet have enough information to be sure.
  • Can be applied to lips to give them a shiny finish and protect them from the sun's UV rays.
  • Studies have shown that CBD can reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.
  • CBDs have also been shown to help with dryness and flaking on the skin due to environmental factors such as pollution or cold temperatures.

How to choose the best lip balm for your needs

Our favorite products offer full transparency and contain natural ingredients. All credible CBD companies should provide immediately available third-party laboratory tests and an ingredient list that doesn't require extensive Googling.

This is your face with this product. They don't want anything that could make you break out or cause even more discomfort. Cannabinoid potency tests are important, but they also confirm that the product passes the heavy metal and pesticide tests on the certificate of analysis.

Avoid ingredients that you can't pronounce but also pay attention to the natural ingredients in the product. Just because an ingredient comes from a plant doesn't mean you want to rub it on your lips. Fortunately, most companies want to provide natural relief and include ingredients that do nothing more than solve problems.

We're not in the best place when it comes to understanding the limits of what these products can and can't do, but the combination of a cannabidiol product and a chapstick makes sense. Most lip problems can be treated naturally. Adding to a blend of herbal ingredients that have been proven to provide relief and protection sounds like a reasonable plan in treating minor ailments like dry and chapped lips. Hopefully in the near future we can definitely say that CBD can treat certain medical conditions, but we are not in that position right now. Right now, it takes a little care and research to purchase.

Frequently asked questions and answers about these products:

Can a CBD chapstick help with my cold sores?

  • Yes, it has been shown to be effective in treating cold sores in some cases and is able to soothe the skin, reduce pain, inflammation, and redness around the cold sores.

Can CBD Lip Balm Help With Anxiety?

  • There are many ways to reduce stress and anxiety, but an increasingly popular option is CBD lip balm. CBD lip balm is a natural remedy that can be used alongside recipes or on its own. One of the most common reasons people choose CBD lip balms over other treatments because of their anxiety is that they do not have any harmful side effects. The following are some of the benefits of using this natural remedy, what types of products you can find at your local store, and how it may help with anxiety.

What about hemp lip balm and chapsticks?

  • The difference between CBD and hemp is that CBD is the chemical compound extracted from cannabis, while hemp is a type of cannabis plant. Hemp plants can be grown to produce high levels of CBD, which has made them popular with those looking to use CBD for medicinal purposes.
  • Hemp lip balm a natural product that has been used for centuries. It does not contain any CBD. Hemp seeds are pressed to extract the oil and then it is added to a mixture of beeswax and other oils. This is applied directly to the lips when needed to keep your lips hydrated.

Will applying a lip balm with CBD poured on you get you high?

  • No, applying a CBD lip balm won't get you up. CBD is a type of cannabinoid found in cannabis plants and has no psychoactive properties, while … cannabis can be defined as any plant in the cannabis genus; a family of flowering plants whose leaves and flowers contain psychotropic substances.

What is a Common CBD Lip Balm Recipe?

  • A common recipe for CBD lip balm is to combine a carrier oil like coconut oil or shea butter with pure organic beeswax. You then use a water bath and melt the mixture. Once melted, you can add your desired essential oils for flavor as well as any other cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, THC etc. Lastly, pour the mixture into cans for easy storage and transportation.
    • More specifically, to make your own CBD chapstick or lip balm, you'll need the following ingredients: petroleum jelly, coconut oil, beeswax, essential oils (optional) and of course a CBD extract.
      • The first step is to combine the three ingredients in a small container.
      • Then heat the petroleum jelly until it liquefies – if you're using coconut oil, just heat some water – and stir in the other two ingredients.
      • If desired, add some essential oils for fragrance.
      • Then add the CBD extract to taste and mix well with a spoon or spatula before pouring into containers for use!

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