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CBD provides a way to calm your nerves and calm your mind all day and night so you can focus on being your best. That mindset has led Elevated Wellness to bring out an impressive lineup of CBD and Delta-8 products, of which we're going to review four today! Elevated Wellness offers products that serve specific purposes: pain relief, sleep aid, ultimate relaxation, and more. The products we are about to review today are unique in the industry in that they allow the user to choose how CBD can fully enhance their wellbeing. In this article, we highlight five of Elevated Wellness’s best-selling products and focus on what makes this company so successful. We'll start with general company information, such as hemp information, product packaging, and lab results, and then move on to actual CBD and Delta-8-THC product reviews. Let's begin!

Laboratory tests

Each of Elevated Wellness' products is laboratory tested, but the results are only available on the actual product via a QR code. There are no uploaded PDFs, links, or web pages available on the company website to view prior to purchase. This was a little strange as most companies are only too happy to provide this information on their website. But I can understand that instead of letting random people view the results online for free, I want to reward trustworthy customers with these results. Laboratory tests are expensive and time consuming, so the company may have focused on getting this information out to actual customers.

Information on hemp

Elevated Wellness only uses hemp extracts that are high in CBD. The company uses a proprietary process to create one of the purest forms of CBD, including broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolate. The company focuses on increasing the effectiveness of its products through the entourage effect, which shows greater effects when multiple cannabinoids from the hemp plant are consumed together over time. Elevated Wellness products are only available in medical practices, participating stationary franchise companies and in the online shop. Each of their products contain less than 0.3% THC, which makes them legal for resale in the United States.

Product packaging

The Focus on CBD oil came packaged in a bright yellow box with bold black lettering on both the packaging and the product label. The actual bottle came as a tinted blue glass with a bright yellow label. I loved the pie chart on the front that showed the different ingredients and their respective percentages. The label contained the manufacturing information, disclaimers, instructions prior to use and recommended instructions for use of the product, and supplementary facts. Since this is a Lemon OG Kush hybrid, the full terpene list is available for viewing Here. The list of ingredients is as follows: Broad Extract: Premium Ultra Broad Spectrum Distillates: CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV + Terpene Blend, Lipids, Flavonoids & Phenols, Full Extract: Premium Ultra Raw Full Spectrum Distillates: CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDV + natural terpenes, lipids, phenols and other phytocannabinoids, organic and kosher terpene mix (Focus – Lemon OG Kush – Hybrid), legal limit of Delta-9 THC (<0.3%) in the full spectrum option and High quality organic MCT oil. This particular oil is priced at $ 60 with no option for subscriptions or discounts for multiple purchases.

Sleeping pills came packed in a dark blue cardboard box with white lettering. A silver sliver of the moon was shown along with the faint twinkle of the stars in the sky. The bottle was a dark blue tinted bottle with a soothing blue label with white writing. Just like the Focus CBD Oil, both the packaging and label showed the necessary disclaimers, manufacturing information, instructions before use, instructions for actual use, and supplemental facts. The list of ingredients is much shorter than for any other product: hemp extract CBD isolate, high quality organic MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides), natural PCCA flavor (mint extract) and premium melatonin. Sleep Aid is $ 80 and doesn't offer discounts for repeated or multiple purchases.

The Delta-8 hemp oil came exclusively in a blue tinted glass bottle. The label was black with silver lettering and showed the company information, the QR code on the front and the amount of Delta-8 THC per bottle (1500 mg). The left side of the label contained information about the hemp extract as well as warnings and the THC content (less than 0.3%). Instructions for use, storage instructions and additional facts were displayed on the right side of the label. The tincture is made with a small percentage of the same terpenes in the Focus tincture, plus a small amount of other cannabinoids (CBN, Delta-6A / 10A, and other beneficial phytocannabinoids) and MCT organic oil. The tincture is priced at $ 70 on the company's website, with no option to rebate through multiple or repeat purchases.

The Pain cream came in a large white box showing a man running in a full sprint, right in the middle of the package. The box and tube displayed the same information, including warnings, recommended use, instructions for use, and manufacturing information. The active ingredient list included the following: Broad-spectrum CBD-rich Hemp Extract (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDV) 400 mg / 50 g, Menthol – 5%, Camphor – 3%, Proprietary Lipomatrix Base, Organic Phospholipids, and Organic Marigold Oil . There was a QR code to scan for the lab results and all of the packaging was very professional and clean. The product is listed for $ 65 with no option to subscribe to monthly deliveries or discounts for multiple purchases at the same time.

The Delta-8 THC relax The mixture was supplied in a 1 ml syringe in a clear bag. The front of the pouch was a solid black, with a single round sticker showing the company name, product name, and the amount of product (1 gram / 966 mg) in the syringe. On the clear back of the package was a single circular sticker that showed the QR code for the lab test results, a barcode, and manufacturing information. There were no ingredients listed or recommended uses which is why I struggled using this product. Since I'm not entirely sure which product this correlates with on the company website, I won't add a price until I hear from the company. Now that we've thoroughly reviewed the company information, pricing, and appearance, it is time to review the actual products. Let's start with the CBD pain cream!

I decided to try this product after an intense workout at the gym. On one of my first days in the gym after several months (thanks to Covid-19), I had severe pain in my biceps because I had lifted too hard. I peeled off the cap on the product and watched the small spout shaped like a jar of shaving cream. I tried shaking the can to see if anything rattled or had settled, but realized it wasn't necessary. I pressed lightly on the small spout and found the lotion was white and had a luxurious texture. I spread the cream over my sore muscles and found that the menthol odor was very strong. I massaged the lotion into my skin and found that as it dried clear it had a slight sheen that was slightly greasy to the touch. The strong icy feeling was incredibly pleasant on my sore muscles and it was quickly absorbed, but left a strong menthol scent behind. The scent stung my eyes and the tingling of the menthol lasted for several minutes. I felt it helped ease the pain in my arms, but my pain was too great for even the CBD to completely eliminate it. This cream will help with sore muscles but has not been effective at completely relieving the pain.

The menthol drew my attention to my arm over the next few minutes, and it fluctuated from overwhelmingly strong (almost like my arm was icing up) to wonderfully calming (as if I could feel my arm regaining its normal functions) thanks to the thanks Menthol. It didn't relieve the pain when I extended my arm, but it did relieve the painful pain a lot. However, my biggest problem with this product was a few hours after I applied it. The combination of dried menthol and hemp made me smell terrible. I raised my arms to smell my biceps and was greeted by the smell of unwashed B / O combined with moldy socks. I went to wash the cream off my skin to get rid of the odor that was left on my skin even after I washed it off. I wasn't ready to smell like that after using the body cream and would have liked to smell a more soothing aroma like lavender or vanilla. Overall, this was a great product that soothed my sore muscles, but the scent after an hour was a huge distraction.

The Delta-8 THC hemp oil was one of the more difficult products I used. In contrast to other Delta-8 THC hemp oils, this product had an extremely delayed reaction time that lasted until the next morning. Do not get me wrong; It was an amazing high that made me feel euphoric and happy and all the things you want from a mind and body high. But there wasn't a precise timing to determine exactly when the effects started and ended. I took the product on three different occasions in the evening. The first time was at 10:45 p.m., another at 9:30 p.m. and a third time at 10 p.m. Each time I hoped I could pinpoint an exact time frame for when the high started, but I got the same results. I fell asleep tired and woke up with a slight headache, almost like a hangover. The morning high made me feel very relaxed and a little dizzy. I felt a slight pressure behind my eyes and my eyelids felt heavy. I noticed that my jaw and fingertips were tingling and my speech was a bit slurred. My eyes were slightly red, but I was still able to concentrate and do my daily activities. The high subsided after about an hour and a half of waking up. I would rather have enjoyed the high In front go to sleep, don't after this wake up. My advice to anyone using this product is to allow themselves at least 3 hours to feel the effects of this product as I waited over 3 hours and felt at most slightly intoxicated. I didn't feel the effects until I woke up, almost eight hours after taking the starting dose. In any case, be careful when ingesting this hemp oil as the time it takes for the Delta-8 THC to set in can be much longer than traditionally expected and the effects can linger even after you wake up.

This CBD oil is touted as an effective way to focus your thoughts and strength through the day, which is what every adult needs. I unscrewed the cap, easily breaking the child-resistant seal, and held the bottle close to my nose. I discovered a warm lemon scent mixed with hemp that was very calming and relaxing. The dropper bottle was graduated in gray letters and noted that the tincture was perfectly clear. I filled the tincture up to the recommended 1ml mark and released the contents of the dropper under my tongue. The tincture was very easy to hold under my tongue for the suggested 45 seconds. After the recommended time passed, I swirled the oil in my mouth before swallowing it. There was a strong lemon and hemp taste that intensified even after I swallowed. The aftertaste was slightly bitter, but the lemon taste was delicious and the hemp taste was not overwhelming. I sometimes felt the need to rinse my mouth out after a particularly strong aftertaste, but the combined taste of lemon and hemp was wonderful and I gradually let the aftertaste naturally disappear. Whether it was the power of suggestion or the tincture actually worked quickly, I found myself with a new focus and felt encouraged to complete the project I was working on. Coincidence or not, I really enjoyed this tincture and appreciated the lightness of the hemp taste despite the high CBD content.

I easily broke the plastic seal by twisting the dropper bottle on tightly and holding the bottle to my nose. I smelled a wonderfully pleasant mint and was immediately reminded of holiday peppermint. However, my joy turned to curiosity when I noticed that the oil was very milky. I wasn't entirely sure if this was normal, but attributed it to the absorption of melanin in the oil. The instructions emphasize shaking before use, so the ingredients may have separated, resulting in an opaque color for the sleep aid. I released the contents of the graduated pipette under my tongue and immediately felt a wonderful cooling sensation, which increased slightly with every second that passed. The hemp oil was easy to hold under my tongue for several seconds and I swirled the oil around in my mouth before swallowing it. I felt a sharp burning sensation when I swallowed, but it passed as quickly as it came. There was a refreshing minty aftertaste that lingered for several minutes, similar to how I feel after brushing my teeth. There was no sweetness or unpleasant hemp taste, and the hemp oil smelled and tasted like a candy cane without the sweetness. After about half an hour, I got sleepy and longed for sleep. This may have been the power of suggestion, but it was surprising that I became sleepy very soon after ingesting the tincture. Overall, I was very happy with the mint flavor and appreciated the lack of hemp flavor in the hemp oil. This product is recommended for use just before bed to relax your mind and slip into a blissful sleep.

Although this product appears as a small jar on the website (similar to a sample CBD ointment jar), I was given a 1ml syringe in a clear bag. This was an extremely strange product because at first I thought it was a tincture that contained exactly 1ml in a syringe. I assumed it was supposed to be released under the tongue, just as a smaller sample size. However, as soon as I tore the stopper off the syringe tip, I began to realize that my assumption was wrong. A very sticky substance gushed out of the syringe tip and when I tried to release the contents of the syringe under my tongue, nothing came out! In the end, I wiped the viscous substance on my fingertip and put it right on my tongue. I accidentally got some of the sticky substance on my lip and found that the stickiness wouldn't go away. I tried rubbing my lip firmly, rinsing it with water, and wiping it with a paper towel, all to no avail. The sticky substance stayed on my lip and fingers and eventually became less sticky over time. I ended up using a google search to get the product right but still didn't have a straight answer. I have contacted Elevated Wellness regarding the correct use of this strange product and will report back as soon as I have an update.

Elevated Wellness has a unique approach to their products and has definitely deviated from the regular CBD and Delta-8-THC products with almost every single Elevated Wellness product I have tried. The CBD oils were the easiest to use, but the Delta-8 THC products were extremely frustrating as the tincture took forever to work and the weird syringe made me wonder how to use it. While the delta-8 THC high eventually began, the guesswork of when the effects would hit or whether I was using them correctly has really pissed off my view of these products. The Pain Cream did not work as well as I had hoped for my extremely sore muscles and after a while left an unpleasant odor that was downright embarrassing to smell. The company website was very difficult to navigate as there was no search button (you have to select a category before you find the right product), no repeat purchase discounts, and no lab results listed. There was no way to rate the product purchased and the blog section was a list of five questions with short bullet points that left something to be desired. I understand that this company is more franchise-focused and allows the franchise owner to provide the necessary information to both current and prospective customers, but the website was missing some things that I would have appreciated. I try my best to find both the pros and cons of a product, but this was a grueling review that I wished for less frustration and more relaxation. However, because Delta-8 THC and CBD react differently for different users, your experience can be much more enjoyable and easier.

If you've had the chance to try and enjoy any of Elevated Wellness products, don't be shy! Share your experience in the comments below! I understand that this review may portray Elevated Wellness in a negative light, and that is the furthest from the truth. There are many great qualities in the company that deserve praise, as well as a few things that I would like to see updated and clarified to get the most out of these products. Here at CBD Origin, we pride ourselves on honest and informative reviews on every single product. If you have any questions or concerns about the products in this review, we encourage you to contact us directly via email. Our skilled team of CBD and Delta-8-THC users can help you better understand how to use and incorporate CBD and Delta-8-THC in your everyday life. Check back soon for another informative article on CBD and Delta-8 THC products, this time from a company called Charlotte CBD!