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3 Earth Friendly Fibers That Can Change Your Life

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Our clothes and other products we use on a daily basis are made from a number of different fibers, but most have no idea just what those fibers might be. Conventional clothing might be made from cotton, silk or plaid for example.

However if these fibers are not organically grown, then they pass on pesticides and other chemicals to our environment and to ourselves as we wear and interact with the clothing. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, more than 20,000 deaths are contributed to chemicals from non-organic fibers in third world countries each and every year.

There are three major kinds of earth friendly fibers that can be used instead of conventional materials, and many companies are now using these fibers to make clothing, household goods, and other things that consumers find useful to them. If you want to improve your life and help to keep the earth green, look for clothing and other goods made from the following materials:

Organic Hemp

Hemp is used to make a number of products including paper, clothing, biodegradable plastics, and even health food (in the form of hemp seeds). Hemp can produce up to 25 tons of dry matter each and every year. Organic hemp fibers are strong, easy to manipulate, and can be turned into beautiful products that look like they’re made from the more traditional fibers that people are used to. Hemp can be died, cut, tied, sewn, and otherwise worked with just as you would cotton but it is a little bit tougher to the feel. It is also a much more sustainable fiber than cotton and other similar options.

Organic Bamboo

Did you know that bamboo can be turned into material for use in clothing and other household items? It I super soft, easy to manage, and grows extremely fast and easy without the need for pesticides and herbicides. Although it is soft, it is not delicate so it holds up to years of wear and tear. It is also a thin material so it can keep you cool if it’s made into clothing. Bamboo is even somewhat antibacterial which makes it a great all around fiber to use around the home, especially if you have children. Organic bamboo farming uses no chemical fertilizers.

Peace Silk

Wild peace silk actually grows anywhere caterpillars are found and where leaves are available for them to chew on. Once the moth emerges from it’s cocoon, the wild silk is harvested, which is when it becomes what is known as peace silk. It is a sustainable method for creating fibers used for anything you can make out of cotton or any other material. Peace silk is distinguished from regular commercial silk production because the moth’s are allowed to hatch and thus complete their life cycle (LIVE!) rather than being boiled alive. There is no need for farming practices, and there are no unnatural chemicals used to grow or harvest the silk.

Source by James M Harris