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7 ways to celebrate 710

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Flip 710 upside down and what do you get? OIL.

July 10 has been coined National Dab Day (or National Oil Day), and each year, stoners from around the globe honor all things hash by consuming various cannabis concentrates. If you’re new to the cannabis consumption game, you might not have a game plan ready for the holiday, but don’t trip, we’ve got several suggestions for you.

Here are seven ways you can celebrate 7/10 this year.

1. Take all the dabs

This one goes without saying. The best way to celebrate a cannabis holiday is by using cannabis. There are many different types of hash so you’ve got plenty of options. 

You can dab/vaporize live resin, rosin, ice water hash (bubble hash), BHO, and hell, you can even try to find piattella. Or, create an entire tasting flight of different hash to properly dab your way through the 7/10 holiday

2. Smoke hash-infused joints/blunts

Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

If you’re a flower-first consumer who’s new to cannabis concentrates — or who doesn’t have the equipment on hand for dabbing — you can still celebrate 7/10 by smoking a nice, hash-infused joint or blunt. 

Hash holes (infused joints with rolled-up rosin in the center) are everywhere at this point, so check your local dispensary for options. 

If you can’t find any near you, roll your own. All you need is some fire flower, fire rosin, and a king-sized rolling paper. The process is simple and the combination of flower and concentrates will leave you lifted on Hash’s Biggest Day.

3. Dab with friends who are new cannabis concentrates

Remember that flight of dabs I told you to compile earlier? Well, what if instead of facing them all yourself, you shared it with some homies? 

If you’re a hash enthusiast, there’s no better day to put your friends on the oil game than 7/10. A friend with weed is a friend indeed, so get together, teach them about all of the different types of hash, and allow them to develop a deeper relationship with the cannabis plant than they may have had from just a pre-roll or gummy.

4. Eat edibles made with high-quality concentrates

Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Speaking of gummies, if you’re a cannabis edibles person that doesn’t like to smoke or dab, you can still get your feel on National Dab Day by eating edibles infused with high-quality concentrates. 

Companies like Space Gem and Super Chill — both based in California — make excellent edibles with solventless concentrates like ice water hash. Cop some, eat some, and enjoy the 7/10 vibes.

5. Watch the Frenchy Cannoli documentary

Beyond consumption, 7/10 provides a great day for educating yourself about hash. Earlier, we mentioned a few Weedmaps pieces that can help you learn the different types of concentrates. In addition to that, what if you learned about the hash pioneers that dedicated their lives to making hash accessible to everyone around the world? 

Few names are as important in that mission as the late Frenchy Cannoli. Frenchy Cannoli was a master of hash, known for his temple balls. He spent his years traveling the globe and spreading the gospel of hash, in addition to teaching his hash-making processes. 

Watch the documentary about his life, work, and journey, “Frenchy Dreams of Hashish”. 

6. Take a proper dab nap

Gina Coeman/Weedmaps

Yes, you can smoke all day and night on 4/20; and yes, you are supposed to dab all day and night on 7/10. But hear me out: what if you also took a nice dab nap to break up the sessions? 

We all know the feeling of coming down from a high and being in that hazy headspace that won’t go away unless you nap it off. So don’t fight that feeling and take that nap, dog. A quick dab nap can help wake you up and smoke all night without issue.

7. Gift your heady friends some fresh dabs or a new device

Any day can be someone’s birthday if you buy them a gift. If someone you love is a big-time hash head, go ahead and get them some fresh dabs or a brand-new consumption device or accessory

If you’re going the device route, think of something like a new dabbing tool, a dab mat, or a concentrates holder. The Puffco Hot Knife or the Focus V Saber make great dab accessories. On the device side, maybe a nice Puffco Plus dab pen or a Pax Plus vaporizer for the hash lover in your life.

Check Weedmaps for the best dabs near you.

Danté Jordan is a cannabis writer based in Los Angeles. He’s written for Weedmaps, Leafly, High Times, and many more publications.

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