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Banana Kush Cake Automatic Grow Report (Indoor)

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Banana Kush Cake Automatic is an exciting plant to grow, and gardeners of all levels can find success with this feminized, automatic variety. The yields are high, and the flowers display colourful hues throughout flowering. The effects are stimulating and soothing, while the terpene profile combines sweetness with spice.

Flowering stage: 50 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 78 days

Final yield: 115 grams

THC content: 24.97%

Banana Kush Cake automatic (also available in feminized seeds) is an impressive combination of exciting new genetics. This strain is 75% indica and 25% sativa, with inherited traits from Wedding Cheesecake, Banana Kush, and Hindu Kush Automatic.

For outdoor gardeners, Banana Kush Cake does just as well in cold climates as it does indoors, and there is no doubt that gardeners looking for the next hot new cultivar will enjoy the slight variations of phenotypes.

Our indoor grow area has been optimized for cultivating cannabis, and we were excited to begin our grow cycle, because each day brought us closer to being able to sample our flowers. For lighting, we used multiple 1000w Green Power Phillips HPS lights, which were mounted to the ceiling in a fixed position, well above the fragile new seedlings.

Moving air and exchanging air are important aspects of the growing process. Our airflow system included multiple small fans, which gently moved the air around the inside of the growing area, and various inline fans were also positioned around the cultivation area. These fans help remove the odorous air from the room by sucking it through a carbon filter to remove any unwanted smells.

Environmental controls are just as important as moving the air. During the course of our Banana Kush Cake automatic grow, we kept strict parameters on both temperature and humidity. Throughout the cultivation process, we adjusted the humidity at different stages.

Commonly, a higher humidity level is kept during the seedling and vegetative period, with relative humidity dropping during flowering to be proactive against mould potential. The room temperature was kept at 23°C  with the lights on and 21°C  with the light off.

Our Banana Kush Cake automatic seed was germinated between two moist paper towels covered by two ceramic plates. For the duration of the entire cycle, we set our lighting schedule to 18 hours on / 6 hours off. Once we saw the white taproot sticking out approximately 3 mm from the cracked seed, it was moved into a 1-litre pot filled with BAC Lava Mix soil.

Our seeds were placed approximately 5 mm under the soil, with the tap root pointing down. Within 24 hours, we saw the Banana Kush Cake automatic break the soil’s surface. Because seedlings thrive in higher humidity compared to other parts of the grow, we started with RH set to 65%.

We wasted no time on getting our Banana Kush Cake automatic off to a good start and started week one by top-feeding our seedling 100 ml of pure water around the base of the stem by hand. Our plant was only 3 cm tall but was still large enough to attract insects. We did not see any problems, but we proactively released the predator insect, Hypoaspis Miles. This beneficial insect feeds on fungus gnats and thrip pupae.

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