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Banana Kush Cake Feminized Grow Report

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We conducted a grow report on Banana Kush Cake Feminized, which we introduced to our catalogue in 2021 as part of our Research collection and documented its weekly development until harvest.
We were thrilled with its dense bud structures, exquisite terpene profile with an abundance of limonene and caryophyllene, as well as an exceptional yield of 119 grams!

Flowering stage: 68 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 99 days

Final yield: 119 grams

THC content: 24.97%

Banana Kush Cake Feminized seeds (also available in autoflower seeds) are the result of crossing Banana Kush with Wedding Cheesecake. The flowers form into large colas, which need support in the late stages of growth. The terpene profile is composed of many aromas, and these same profiles can also be found within the flavour. Indica leaning effects will leave the mind and body relaxed.

This growing cycle was conducted in our indoor garden, illuminated by multiple 1000W Green Power Phillips HPS lights in a fixed position 300 centimetres over the soil surface. We used large, oscillating fans to move air within the garden space. Moving air below and above the Banana Kush Cake Feminized plants reduced pockets of moist, stale air in and around the canopy. An inline fan and carbon scrubber were used to extract and clean the air from the grow room.

Environmental conditions within the growing area are always essential to track and control. For our Banana Kush Cake Feminized, a steady temperature of 23 °C during the day and 21 °C at night was maintained. Humidity levels varied throughout the cultivation cycle, with the highest level being early in vegetation and the lowest just before the harvest. 

All our plants are grown in BAC Lava Mix soil and receive Bio Grow nutrients throughout vegetation and Bio Bloom nutrients during the flowering stage. The Banana Kush Cake Feminized seeds were started and vegged under an 18/6 light schedule. After 31 days of veg, we changed the light schedule to a 12/12 cycle to initiate flowering. Because we started with feminized seeds, we did not need to sex the plants after changing the photoperiod.

Our Banana Kush Cake Feminized seeds were started in pre-moistened jiffy cubes. To prepare the jiffy cubes for the seeds, we used 100 ml of plain water, pH’d to 6.2, with a small amount of root stimulant added. Within 48 hours, we saw the cotyledon emerging from the jiffy cube hole. We waited three more days before the roots had stretched to the bottom and begun poking through the sides. Our water intake increased to 100 ml, which was poured around the stem before being transplanted into the final 5-litre container.

In week two, because we were still adding only a minimal amount of water and the root zone had not developed much, we did not apply water to the outer sections of our containers. We diluted the Bio Grow nutrients, which gave our final water an EC of 1.4 and pH’d the feeding solution to 6.

By week three, the vigorous growth and tight nodal spacing had given the Banana Kush Cake Feminized a bushy look. The large, emerald-green fan leaves overlapped and shaded the plant’s interior. As the canopy grew, so did the root zone. 

Our volume of water increased to 200 ml, but we still focused our application on and around the main stem. We also released predatory insects to prevent damaging insects such as thrips, fungus gnats, and two-spotted spider mites from entering and establishing in the garden. We attached one sachet each of Neoseiulus Californicus and Ambylseius Swirskii to lower branches.

Week four saw the spacing between the nodes expand up and down the plant. Our Banana Kush Cake Feminized has grown from 17 cm to 27 cm over the past week. The side branching had rocketed out from the main stem and was now reaching outwards to capture more light. New growth was lighter, but as the leaves matured, they developed an emerald-green colour. 

To support the additional growth and vigour, we increased the amount of Bio Grow nutrients we added to our water. The final EC was raised to 1.7, and the pH was 6.2 before applying. We were now applying 400 ml of water on the entire soil surface each time we watered. Another minor adjustment this week was dropping the humidity in the grow room by 5% to 60% .

After growing to 48 cm by week five, we made the decision to change the lighting schedule to 12/12 and initiated the flowering stage. This change was also accompanied by replacing the Bio Grow nutrients with the Bio Bloom nutrients. The EC of our feed solution was increased to 1.8, and the volume was doubled to 800 ml per watering. Our Banana Kush Cake Feminized was drinking heavily throughout the week to support the rocketing growth.

As week six progressed, we saw stigmas protruding from the top clusters of vegetation on each branch. This not only indicated that our Banana Kush Cake Feminized was successfully in the flowering stage, but the stigmas are also exclusive to the female plants, which we were expecting. The vegetation from top to bottom retained an even, emerald green colour, with no discolouration at the tips, which indicated that our nutrient levels were appropriate.

Another indicator that our Banana Kush Cake Feminized had completed its hormonal shift towards flowering was by the stretch. This is common during the transition, and our plant grew 25 cm to 73 cm. We continued feeding at the same EC and pH level, but the volume was increased to 1500 ml.

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