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Best 6 Chocolate Weed Strains to Enjoy

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For smoke-weed-everyday cacao aficionados, it stands to reason that some of our favorite cultivars would share a few of the same essences as chocolate, especially considering how integral both are to contemporary stoner culture.

Chocophile potheads around the world know how much of a mood lift a single bonbon can deliver, but it’s more than munchies that connect weed to cacao. Chocolate is rich in the terpene linalool. It also contains one of the first endocannabinoids discovered, anandamide, which interacts with the same endocannabinoid receptors as THC.

But weed and chocolate are connected by more than biology. When cannabis is bred to enhance its chocolatey qualities, the results can be more than mouthwatering; they can be freaking transcendent. Chocolate strains are designated as such via their genetics (many stem from crosses of Chocolate Thai or Chocolope) or their distinctly chocolatey terp profiles. Either way, the more chocolaty the strain, the more compelled we’ll be to stock up.

Consider a few of our favorite chocolatey strains of weed below and explore strains of all flavors on the Weedmaps app.

Chocolate Chunk

Chocolate Chunk, a direct descendant of Afghani, is a potentially sedative cultivar with a snoozy reputation perfect for stoners who prefer a mellow euphoria that unravels neatly into bedtime. Users describe Chocolate Chunk as a sleepy, munchy high that arrives with a chest swelling elation that typically percolates through the body, quieting both racing thoughts and achy body parts. Chocolate Chunk features a low percentage of CBD, and therapeutic users and rec users alike celebrate the strain’s potential stress-relieving efficacy.

Expect a botanical, flowery chocolate perfume and a sharp, pine-infused cocoa exhale.

Chocolate Diesel

Chocolate Diesel is an even-keeled cross of Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai that tends to lean slightly peppy but overall seems to deliver balanced effects. Users report a potentially energetic onset that typically dissolves into an unfocused, cottony head high and loose, languid body buzz. The euphoric overtones make it a useful cultivar to keep around — especially on moody days. Therapeutic users report potential relief from fatigue, while rec users report a typically deep, cushiony stone worth zoning out with.

Expect a potent gassy chocolate perfume and a sour, diesel exhale.

Chocolate Skunk

Pothead chocolate freaks looking for a bright, peppy high should consider auditioning Chocolate Skunk, a cross of underground fave Chocolope and perennial darling Skunk. This cultivar’s effects reportedly skew energetic, and many users describe the high as optimal for functional, everyday stoners. Rec users describe an energetic euphoria that can be laser-focused to complete tasks like housework or low-stakes cerebral projects. And therapeutic users enjoy this strain as well, reporting potential relief from chronic pain and fatigue.

Expect creamy mocha aromas and a commensurate exhale.

Chocolate Haze

Smokers who eschew the lazy stoner stereotype might enjoy this Haze phenotype that delivers some delightfully uplifting chocolate vibes while also maintaining a lighthearted, focused energy synonymous with the Haze genealogy. Chocolate Haze is reportedly ultra-long lasting, with THC percentages that typically peak around 25% and highs that generally evaporate into easy, giggly, euphoria rather than sleepytime munchies.

Expect a spicy, woody chocolate aroma and a flowery, bitter chocolate exhale.

Chocolate Glue

This rare cross of Gorilla Glue and Chocolate Lava is potentially sedative with a bright euphoric streak that fans of the cultivar say keeps the high airy and multidimensional, rather than cottony and thick. Some Chocolate Glue users celebrate the strain’s potentially blissful, alert, creative, and meditative qualities, while others experience super relaxing body effects. That dynamic balance makes this hard-to-find cultivar worth the search — as if tasting like chocolate wasn’t enough to pique interest.

Expect sweet citrus and dark chocolate in both the aroma and exhale.

Chocolate Mint

For chocolate lovers who prefer a syrupy, sedative high, Chocolate Mint is probably a pretty appropriate addition to the stash box. Chocolate Mint is a cross of Emerald OG and Grand Daddy Purps that reportedly delivers a euphoric, contemplative head high and deeply couch-locked body buzz. Rec users describe a heavy-duty stone that’s potentially sedative under certain conditions (read: warm couch, tasty munchies, infinite Netflix). Others find it to be meditative and rejuvenating (read: picnic blanket, sunshine, good book). Therapeutic users report potential relief from bad moods and achy joints. 

Chocolate Mint gets her name from her rich, complex chocolate exhale and bright, minty nose rather than a Chocolate lineage. Knowing this, expect a nuanced profile that includes both cool notes of mint and warm flashes of pepper.

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