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Can O’ Comedy to host Summer Edition event


Can O’ Comedy is back and this time coming to east-central Illinois. The Can O’ Comedy Summer Edition is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 9 at Molly’s Joint.

The event is set to run from 5-10 p.m. and is located at 2 Donna Drive in Tilton. Tickets can be found here. The Can O’ Comedy Summer Edition will include complimentary beer and wine, live jazz, infused foods and drinks, and 3-4 comedians who will perform for about two hours. “The summer evening stretches on, a timeless celebration of friendship, love, and the simple joys of life,” said Can O’ Comedy Founder, Stoner Nataly.

Can O’ Comedy provides cannabis educational content and comedic entertainment by way of stand-up comedy. Its aim is to provide good-natured fun by bringing adult cannabis users and advocates of all ages together for a discussion and Q&A of cannabis educational topics. Discussion will be accompanied by food from a local Chicago restaurant, followed alongside a stand-up comedic act. Stoner Nataly is of Latin/Indigenous descent whose parents were born in Mexico and has a history in the foster care system and later a US Navy Veteran who served as a Hospital Corpsman for five-years.

Stoner Nataly and Can O’ Comedy can be reached by phone at 312-900-7198 or found on Facebook, Instagram @stoner_nat_, and Twitter @StonerNataly.

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