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Effective Cannabis Seed Germination with Peat & Jiffy Pellets Guide


Position your container

The immediate step of using the jiffy pellets is putting the pellets in a container. In addition, you can acquire the jiffy pellet tray in the market instead of a container. Make sure that the pellets do not overlap, and that you leave room for water retention.

Water the pellets

You then water the pellets by either using distilled or tap water. When using tap water, remember it may have chlorine which is toxic to the well-being of your cannabis plant since it can cause it to dry. To save on the cost of buying distilled water, you can disperse the chlorine by pouring tap water and giving it time to dissolve.

Plant the cannabis seedlings 

Place the cannabis seeds in the middle of the pellets that have enlarged. Note that you should not put the seeds too deep since they might not germinate.

Cover the seeds

Covering the cannabis seeds is meant to ensure that no moisture is lost. The jiffy pellets come with a plastic cover that offers the best covering features. In case you do not have the jiffy pellet cover, go for plastic wrap.
After planting and covering the cannabis seeds, you will need to water them for at least seven days. Also, avoid dropping water from the top of the plant, or else you will interfere with the germination process.


When the cannabis seeds have already germinated, it is time to transplant them into another growth medium where you want them to grow into mature plants for harvest. At this stage, you should be extremely careful not to interfere with the plant’s delicate roots.

To avoid risking your cannabis seedlings, you can opt to use tweezers to handle the seeds. This will also help prevent you from touching any form of oil that may damage your fingers. Make a hole in the growing medium about one to two centimeters deep.

Ensure that the soil remains moist, and the seeds are also in the correct temperature range. This is an essential factor that you should remember to prevent the seedling from using too much energy to develop the stem and the fast leaves

Note that during the transplant stage, the seed requires a lot of light. There are different types of lights you can acquire for your cannabis seedlings. With the development of technology, there are numerous artificial lights that you can use.

The best lights for seedlings are fluorescent lights and LED light bars. According to the cannabis cultivators, the veg/clone bars, courtesy of Secret Jardin are the most ideal, unless you want to use them to cover a huge space.

If you have a large area to cover, then the plant LED grow light is the best option that can cater to your needs. Let’s shed some light on different types of LED lights.

The LED grow for cannabis seedlings

The AIS-led GROW LIGHT has proven to be the best light for cannabis seedlings. This type of light was explicitly designed for cannabis seedlings. However, it also has drawbacks since it is meant to cover an approximate area of about two by four feet. Note that if you have relatively few seedlings, this type of light will be overkill for them.

On the other hand, the LED bars are said to be the best when it comes to starting seeds, and you don’t have many seeds that cover an area of two by four feet. The bars are relatively cheap, and they produce enough light that benefits the cannabis seedlings.

MH/HPS for cannbis seedlings

If you have the MH or HPS light, then you have an excellent opportunity of placing your cannabis seedlings under it. Note that these types of lights are relatively expensive; if you cannot access them, you do better to go for fluorescent lights or LED.

These lights are extremely important, especially for cannabis cultivators who place their cannabis seeds in the same place from germination to harvest. According to cannabis cultivators, the Metal halide light works better for seedlings compared to the HPS light because the seedlings require a cool blue light more so than red.

When do you put the cannabis seedlings under the HPS/MH light? You are advised to turn on the lights after the cannabis seeds have germinated and they are already in a growing medium or soil. Note that even when the cannabis seeds are still in the soil, the light’s heat will enable the plant to make its way out.

To wrap up

The germination of cannabis seeds depends on a wide variety of factors and conditions. How your marijuana seeds germinate can significantly influence what you will harvest when the plants reach maturity. This is why as a cannabis grower you need to observe how your marijuana seeds germinate. For easy-to-germinate seeds, visit our seed table.

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