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Environmental Friendly Clothing Is Essential for You

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Green is in. One of the ways to make a fashion statement nowadays is to wear eco friendly clothing. Designers and people all over the world are designing clothes and using material with a view to protect the environment too. Different kinds of ideas are being used and implemented by designers to produce eco friendly clothing. One such material is hemp. It is one of the most environment affable materials available with us. Due to its various kinds of uses the Government always emphasis on increasing its production. It has been tagged as an eco textile material as it doesn’t not require much energy, produces less amount of carbon hence not polluting the environment as compared to its counterparts. Hemp clothing is at least three times stronger as compared to clothing made up of cotton fiber.

If one compares hemp clothing to cotton clothing you will find that it is very absorbent and that what makes it the first choice among newly born babies as well as adults. It also is naturally resistant to mold, mildew etc. According to many researches it also claims to keep away Ultra violet rays to 95 % whereas cotton keeps them away to anywhere between 35 % to 90% depending on the weave. Hence its widely being used for mens clothing as well as womens clothing. The best part of this kind of clothing is that it is wrinkle free and even after several years of usage it will be available to retain its original shape. To make the clothing made of hemp more trendy, increase its softness and durability it can very easily be combined with other fibers like cotton, silk etc. Apart from hemp, bamboo clothing is also increasing its customer base. Bamboo is also very organic and environment friendly as its grown without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. Bamboo clothing is soft and contains a component named Kun that is antifungal and antibacterial. Imagine clothing that naturally keeps pests, insects etc away. This special feature is present throughout the life cycle of the product no matter how many times the piece of clothing is washed.

It has become an integral part of mens clothing and womens clothing as it keeps the wearer warm in winters and cool in summers. It is a very breathable material and keeps moisture at bay from our skin making us feel fresh throughout. People who have different kinds of skin allergies and skin problem highly wear clothes made up of this material. It maintenance is also very easy and no extra care, dry cleaning, bleaching etc is required. Clothes made up of bamboo are also priced at a very reasonable rate. Along with all these advantages they can be designed in any manner casual or formal. Not only clothes bamboo material is also used in making towels, bed sheets, jackets etc. organic cotton clothing provides many kinds of different advantages to its wearer. If a person has a sensitive skin its best to opt for organic clothing. From the farming to the manufacturing process of cotton different kinds of pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals are used. These toxic substances can be easily absorbed by the skin causing different diseases. Clothes made up of cotton have a lot of chemical remains in them.

Non- eco friendly clothing consists of different kinds of harmful chemicals that may cause skin cancer and other allergies. Not only this while farming for Non- eco friendly clothing material even the farmers get infected and fall prey to different kinds of diseases. A large quantity of water is required while farming for these materials and the chemical remains also pollute the rivers etc. when the soil and water is poisoned with the use of these harmful chemicals plants, animals humans everybody gets affected. By using natural means to grow clothing fibers one can stop polluting the environment and also save the earth. It is threatening the existence of every living creature. Organic cotton clothing is made up of environment friendly fibers are not only safe and healthy but can also be purchased at a less price. People all over the world are realizing its importance and the benefits of these clothing.

Source by Ankur Kumar Srivastava