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Finding a House Cleaner on Service Company Rating Websites

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Having a house cleaner can make life a whole easier but finding one can seem to be an insurmountable challenge at times. Service company rating websites are one way to look for employees who have already been rated by real employers and either come with a glowing recommendation to hire or long list of warnings to avoid at all cost.

The web site works to keep their site legitimate by having a staff that goes through the member postings to weed out recommendations planted by the business itself or by the competition to sabotage the other business. And no anonymous members are allowed to post which helps to keep the credibility with the web site. Using a simple grade system of A to F, similar to a school report card, it is very user friendly to locate a home cleaning business that has been rated highly in the past without getting bogged down in reading lengthy reviews.

Looking for a house cleaner can be difficult processes so the potential new employer needs to make sure their expectations are clear before hiring. The most important thing about hiring one is to hire someone who will clean your home how you want it cleaned. Sometimes that can be as simple as using the cleaning products you want used whether that means all natural non chemical cleaning agents or the brand name cleaning agents you prefer. Sometimes that means cleaning kitchen and bathroom floors on hand and knee verses using a mop.

All consumers have different beliefs on this and so do employees so make sure the ideas mesh. Finally remember a house cleaner is supposed to take the work and stress out of the housework, not add to the homeowner’s stress.

And of course if the house cleaner that comes highly recommended does not live up to their lifetime rating, service company rating websites have a resolution team that is willing to step in and work with everyone for a successful resolution.

A poor review posted by a member cannot be deleted by anyone including the staff at the service company rating website unless a successful resolution is achieved. This system successfully motivates businesses to live up to their consumer reputation and weeds out those businesses that don’t care about their clients or staying in business. With the power of other consumer’s voices and the help of the resolution team it only makes sense to use these service company rating websites to guarantee a successful and long term partnership with your new home cleaner.

Source by Andrew Stratton