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Homemade Carp Boilies Catch More Fish Especially When You Exploit Potent Bioactive Sweeteners!

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You know so many carp anglers try to achieve above average catches using readymade baits and fail. This is a great shame and yet is a massive problem, and I know the bait industry lets down anglers all over the place. All the hype cannot hide the fact that average anglers using readymade baits only ever achieve ordinary catches the vast majority of the time! It might seem strange but all the guys who I know who make their own homemade baits are the top rods on the waters they fish. One big reason is that they alone are exploiting their totally unique bait recipes with absolutely zero competition from any other anglers using exactly the same bait! This is an incredibly powerful advantage! Revealed here are some powerful bait recipe and sweetener secrets!

Certain carp receptors are particularly sensitive to sweet substances. Carp feel the glucose hit of broken aquatic plants for example, but they get few instant energy hits from many of their natural food items even though they catabolise a proportion of their most abundant protein-rich foods for energy. I’ve used glucose syrup for years; what makes more sense than exploiting the energy fuel that carbohydrates foods are broken down into internally?

Nutritionally food and bait is basically about vital energy. And without this for cellular respiration organisms die! Even at the microscopic single-cell bacterial level their survival and multiplication can be stopped completely when an aspect of energy supply or mechanism for energy release is halted; so sweeteners are addictive to fish and humans. I view both as incredibly organised networks of single-cells which are intrinsically self-intelligent organisms.

It makes sense that the roof of the mouths of carp are packed with concentrations of palatial receptors especially helping carp detect and instinctively decide to merely sample objects and solutions or to repeatedly consume them – or avoid them! Feedback to brain receptors signal the carps’ motor impulses to muscles etc to keep on feeding (or not.) It’s based on the vital need biological and energy value at that moment, or physiological impacts etc a substance detected has on an individual fish. Genetically individual fish and different strains are more sensitive to certain sweeteners; therefore exploit multiple sweeteners not merely Talin! (Avoid aspartame and Splenda – they’re toxic!)

Baits containing a mixture of sweeteners will likely be tested more than just once by an individual fish or by more than one fish on multiple occasions; leading to more fish hooked! Talin is a trade name for thaumatin B a protein sweetener from the African Katemfe Fruit (yes fruits contains proteins!) Talin improves bait palatability making them consumed more repetitively increasing your chances of more hook-ups. Interestingly it masks off and bitter flavours; many popular fishing flavours are bitter!

Talin appears to replicate a type of signaling nerves naturally do so I think this is one reason it is so potent. I’d term certain forms of betaine as sweeteners, not just true feeding triggers.

Glycerine (glycerol) is well proven beyond just as a flavour base. It’s a low glycaemic calorie source containing more calories than sugar with unlimited capacity to mix with water; absolutely ideal for dispersing bait substances in solution! Natural vanilla terpenes and synthetic sweet flavours are also sweeteners… I would term sweet and sweetened oils as addictive substances too including sweetened bulk oils, and also evaporated and condensed milks. Geranium and aniseed oils are sweetly proven as is deliberately sweetened garlic oil. Cinnamon oil is much over-looked for sweet baits!

Natural sugar sweeteners such as honey cause a blood sugar spike and instant energy hit in the body! This blood sugar spike creates a uric acid rise and glutamic acid dump in the blood stream which relaxes muscle tension in the body. This is an addictive effect of many drugs e.g. opiates, cocaine etc; it’s the addictive ‘relaxing rush’ effect of nicotine and the effect of beers processed in the body. Beer hops are the same family as Cannabacea (hemp and cannabis.) The bioactive components have similar effects after breakdown in the body (marijuana can be grafted to hops!)

Concentrated carrot and beetroot juices are naturally bioactive sweeteners. Lactose (milk sugar,) whey proteins, caseins, 5 Pints milk powder, Vitamealo etc have further internal effects on humans and carp quite apart from merely sweetness or taste and smell. Note that many substances such as milk are highly stimulatory in solution and when consumed, even if they cannot be fully digested naturally within the body! Many internal effects of sweeteners have zero to do with sweetness such as the immunity-building compounds in honey and its other various antioxidant protective substances science has yet to identify! See how many sweeteners are actually addictive or temporarily habit-forming even when used in low levels?

Bait secrets are not all about what is currently being used, but how substances work, how they are applied, what they are used with, how they impact internally on vital carp roles and processes, how they react with water, and how they enhance other bait substances in many ways when in solution and in contact with fish receptors etc.

Very many sweetening agents increase the action of water penetration into baits so promoting far more beneficial out-put of concentrated bait substances in solution; which carp most easily detect! This is a vital point especially when considering substances to include for cold water baits! The autumn is a great time get making new homemade baits and get away from under-performing readymade baits that have already got fish wary when in proximity to them; by definition this is any readymade bait that has hooked fish previously! Remember that the baits that anglers use directly programme and condition fish behaviours so that fish become very wary of baits that have hooked them.

By massive contrast when fish experience a bait that has never hooked them previously what do think the fish response is? Fish feed far more confidently on a totally new food source and in actual opposition to the HNV theory about baits I have had more big fish by fishing a totally new homemade bait on a water each session than by establishing the highest quality HNV baits. That has been my experience from 35 years of carp fishing. In the early year few anglers few HNV baits and so these made a huge difference but guess what, these days everyone and their dog are fishing HNV baits so their edge is vastly deteriorated see! In fact so many anglers struggle or achieve average results popular readymade HNV baits it is laughable!

My eBook readers out-fish readymade baits such as Mainline Cell boilies and others all over waters of the UK and abroad. The activity of enzymes in such baits is certainly not the ultimate answer for getting the most bites as these can actually limit fish reactions to the bait. Many readymade baits are claimed to be the ultimate bait yet the very next month or year another bait from that company is released and hyped up to replace the previous old ultimate bait.

See the truth that there is no ultimate bait because fish will always respond with fear of these ultimate baits through being hooked with readymade baits that the herd mindlessly use to attempt to get above average results! Trying to get above average results using readymade baits the average angler in the herd uses is just insane; you simply lose all competitive advantages completely!

Start thinking logically and sanely; start out with a completely new and totally unique homemade bait that you have made and your fish will have no reason at all to be wary of them. You keep all competitive advantages and all the secrets about your recipe bait modes of action, the ingredients, flavours used and much more; Think about it! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

Source by Tim F. Richardson