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Hops Latent Viroid Detection and its Mysterious Origins | Cannabis Data Science #123

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🦠Want to know more about Hops Latent Viroid? Today, the CEO, Angel Fernandez, PhD., and VP of R&D, Ajith Anand at 🧬MyFloraDNA, a biotech lab in California, join us to share what they have learned from their 275,000+ tests for Hops Latent Viroid.👨‍🔬You can see their latest research here: https://www.mdpi.com/1999-4915/15/7/1487🤝 Join the fun, data wrangling, and analytics in the Cannabis Data Science meetup, every Wednesday at 8:30am PST | 10:30am CDT | 11:30am EST. https://www.meetup.com/cannabis-data-science/🧑‍💻 Find the data and source code: https://github.com/cannlytics/cannabis-data-science💸 Support the group: https://opencollective.com/cannlytics-company🔥 Check out Cannlytics: https://cannlytics.com

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