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How To Make Reclaim Edibles


Do you ever clean your rig and think to yourself, “Hmm, can I do anything with this gunk?” Maybe you’ve written it off as a silly high thought. However, you’re actually onto something.

Keep reading to find out more about what reclaim is, how to collect it, and how to make edibles with it!

What is Cannabis Reclaim?

Reclaim is the sticky cannabis concentrates or oil leftovers that you’ll find re-condensed after using your dab rig. When you clean your rig, you’re cleaning off the reclaim. Most people don’t think twice about their reclaim and simply clean it off to prepare for the next dab.

But you can do more than just clean it–you can use it! Making edibles with your reclaim is a great way to put that goo to use. You’re reclaiming it, hence the name!

Reclaim is still psychoactive, but has little to no terpenes remaining, hence a not-so-great taste. Some people dab their reclaim in a second round, but considering the poor taste when inhaled, we have a better suggestion: edibles.

All About Reclaim Edibles

Reclaim edibles are simply edibles made with reclaim as the psychoactive substance. The recipes don’t differ greatly from other edible recipes.

You can make anything from reclaim gummies to reclaim butter to reclaim chocolate bars or everything in between. Brownies? Check! Cookies? Check! Any edible you can think of can be made with reclaim.

Reclaim is already decarboxylated, so you get to skip a major step usually included in making edibles. You don’t have to buy any extra flower or resin to make the edibles, so you can feel good knowing that you’re reusing and recycling. 

Collecting Your Reclaim

Collecting your reclaim is pretty easy. Pour the water out of your rig into a bowl and collect the little golden nuggets. 

Next, let your rig dry. Once it’s dry, take out the nail. 

Hold your rig upside down over a piece of wax paper and torch your rig so that the reclaim heats back up and drips out onto the wax paper.

Be careful not to zap the THC–only heat the rig enough for the reclaim to melt. Don’t overdo it!

A final clean of your rig afterward never hurts.

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How to Make Reclaim Butter or Oil

The main way to make reclaim edibles is to melt your reclaim into butter or oil and then bake with the resulting mixture the way you would normally.

To infuse reclaim into butter or oil, your best option is to use a double boiler. Measure out the amount of butter/oil needed for the recipe and put it in the top section of the double boiler. Then add in your reclaim. Gently melt and stir until combined.

Don’t have a double boiler? No problem! 

How to Make a Makeshift Double Boiler

A double boiler simply boils water in a main pot and uses the resulting steam to heat the top pot or pan, as opposed to heating a pot or pan with flame directly. This creates a lower and indirect heat, which is especially important when you’re trying not to accidentally overheat the cannabinoids in your reclaim.

So, how do you make one? Grab a large pot and add some water. Bring the water to a boil or a simmer, depending on how hot you want the top pan to be. Remember that when you add the pan, it’s the same as putting a lid on the pot, and the water will increase in heat–meaning you may want to undershoot at first and turn the heat up later if it’s still not hot enough.

Once your water is bubbling, balance a pan on top of the pot. Test the setup beforehand to make sure it’s stable. It’s that simple!

Be careful not to get hurt by any steam that may be escaping through the sides.

How to Make Reclaim Edibles

Now that you have your reclaim butter or reclaim oil, the sky is the limit! When you think about edibles, the first thing you probably think about is brownies.

But, let’s be honest; making brownies from scratch is hard. And that’s okay!

Find a brownie mix at the store that requires oil. Make the mix as directed, but substitute the oil for your new reclaim-infused oil. Bake as normal.

Be careful with these brownies. They’ll be strong

Final Thoughts

Using your reclaim is a two-for-one deal; many people don’t know it can have a second life. Don’t let your reclaim go to waste. You don’t have to turn your kitchen inside out making the most elaborate edibles on Earth. Keep it simple–collect the reclaim, infuse the oil, and use a box mix.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to brownies. You may prefer cookies, or you can take it in another direction and saute veggies in your reclaim oil. The sky is the limit!

One last thing: you can just eat the reclaim as is and it’ll get you high. However, it won’t taste very good, so do yourself a favor and make some reclaim edibles!

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