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Office of the Marijuana Commissioner announces cannabis industry training program at Del Tech


The Delaware Marijuana Control Act Oversight Committee met for the second time since its inception, discussing potential regulations for the recreational marijuana industry.

The committee elected current Department of Safety and Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Kimberly Chandler as its chair and elected New Castle County Advocate Richard Jester as its vice chair.

Delaware Marijuana Commissioner Rob Coupe opened the meeting with industry development updates, including announcing Del Tech is currently developing a cannabis industry curriculum expected to be ready by Fall 2024.

Coupe says Del Tech President Mark Brainard pitched the idea, noting the program would be similar to when the gaming industry entered Delaware, and Del Tech provided workforce training to teach the skills necessary to work in casinos.

Coupe says they are still working out the logistics of the curriculum, explaining it could be certification focused or end up being an entire comprehensive program, but Delaware’s medical marijuana industry is in favor of it.

“We asked the existing licenses, would they support something like this? Do they think there’d be a need for it? And they were all overwhelmingly saying ‘yes, this would be great,’ because when they started, they said they had that challenge where people were coming to work for them with no experience,” Coupe says.

The commissioner adds the Delaware Cannabis Industry Association has been contributing to…

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