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OG Kush Feminized Grow Report (Indoor)

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OG Kush Feminized will delight gardeners with its compact nature and XXL yields of top-shelf flowers. The origins of the meaning of “OG” may be a mystery, but growing this plant is easy and accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level. OG Kush offers an uplifting terpene profile and heavy indica effects to compliment the dense, green buds.

Flowering stage: 70 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 98 days

Final yield: 130 grams

THC content: 26.68%

OG Kush Feminized (also available as autoflowering seeds) is a Californian classic that produces soothing and euphoric effects. Cherished for its distinct flavour profile and effects, OG Kush is thought to have a lineage consisting of Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and Pakistani Kush. Not many people can agree on the meaning of the initials OG, but everyone can agree that OG Kush is a fun and easy plant to grow.

Our feminized version was created for gardeners who are limited on space, who need to stay under a certain plant limit, or simply for those who do not want to sex the plants at the start of flower.

We set up our equipment in our specialized growing room, which includes a 1000W Green Power Phillips HPS light and hood combination. For air movement, we used our ventilation system, and two smaller movable fans to move air through the canopy and around the grow space. For ventilation, we connected an inline fan to suck air from within the grow space and exhaust it into a carbon scrubber placed outside the grow area.

For our growing medium, we used BAC Lava Mix soil, which was fed with Bio Grow and Bio Bloom nutrients. Environmental conditions are important to control for optimal plant growth. We changed the humidity levels at different stages of the growth cycle; however, the temperatures were constant. During lights on, our grow area was kept at 23°C. The temperature dropped slightly when the lights went out, but it was maintained at 21°C.

Our OG Kush feminized seeds were placed into a damp paper towel and then set between two plates to maintain the moisture. Within 48 hours, the seeds opened, and the small, white tap roots began to poke out. We gently took our OG Kush seed and placed it approximately 4 mm under the soil surface with the tap root facing down.

Within a few days, our OG Kush was above the soil and reaching up towards the light. We used a 1-litre container, which assisted our OG Kush in quickly developing a healthy root system. Also, in the first week, we added the predatory insect Hypoaspis Miles to manage any fungus gnat or thrip pupae in our soil.

Our plant was placed in 18 hours of light, followed by 6 hours in darkness. During the early stages of life for our OG Kush, humidity levels were kept higher than growers typically would in flowering. We kept our humidity levels at 65% for the entire vegetative cycle.

In week two, our OG Kush Feminized more than doubled in height, and it was now setting its first true, five-fingered leaves. To support the growing root system, we transplanted it into a 3-litre container and continued to give the plant 100 ml of pure water at a pH of 6.2. When watering, we poured the water directly at the base of the stem, not all over the entire soil surface.

To help our plant grow strong, supportive stems and branches, we kept a light but steady breeze blowing through the canopy area. We also turned our OG Kush one-quarter of a turn each day. Because cannabis is phototropic, plants will lean towards the light source, and changing the position each day in these early stages helps build cell walls.

Week three was the first week we used Bio Grow nutrients to feed our plants. When combined with our water, the feeding solution was an EC of 1.6, and the pH was adjusted to 6.2. We were still watering 100 ml around the main stem, but our OG Kush Feminized was drinking more frequently than weeks prior.

To add defences against the potential of thrip larvae and two-spotted spider mites, we released more beneficial insects. Specifically, Amblyseius Cucumeris and Amblyseius Californicus, by hanging sachets on the lower branches of our OG Kush.

In week four, we noticed extreme vigor, with the plant doubling in height. It was time for us to move our OG Kush into its final 5-litre container size. Before doing that, we flushed the soil to remove any accumulation of salt residue from our fertilizers.

Flushing is an ideal practice to do every few weeks when feeding heavily. We used 500 ml of pure water, which held a pH of 6.2, and then poured it through the soil. After we did this, we waited a day, transplanted, and then watered with 250 ml feed solution as needed.

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