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Purple Skunk Automatic Grow Report (Indoor)

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Purple Skunk Automatic has an incredible lineage. It is the result of crossing Skunk #1 with Shiva Skunk and Hindu Kush automatic. Each influence has something unique to offer, and growers will see these desired traits quickly. Heavy yielding, strong branches, compact shape, thick trichome coverage, and hues of purple leave many cultivators in admiration.

Flowering stage: 56 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 85 days

Final yield: 136 grams

THC content: 18.3%

The grow space had been optimised for our Purple Skunk Automatic before planting our seeds. A 1000w Green Power Phillips HPS fixed at 300 cm above the soil surface provided light for the plants, which was a fantastic light to use for both the vegetative and flowering stages. The chosen medium was BAC Lava Soil Mix, which was used throughout the entirety of this growth cycle.

When creating this indoor grow space, we used multiple fans to gently move the air above the canopy and throughout the lower foliage. This design reduced the potential for stale, moist air to collect and stagnate. We also used an inline fan which pulled air out of the grow area into a carbon scrubber, which reduced the odour created by our Purple Skunk Automatic.

Lighting and airflow are essential elements, but none would matter without the right environment. We kept tight controls on conditions during the grow. Temperatures during the lights-on period remained at 23 °C. During the lights off period, the temperature dipped to 21 °C. Humidity was the other factor to strictly control. We began our Purple Skunk Automatic with 65% humidity, but we adjusted the RH downward as we got to the later weeks of flowering.

We started by placing our Purple Skunk Automatic seed into a pre-moistened jiffy cube. Within a few days, we saw the seedling emerging from the top of the hole. Throughout week one, we let our Purple Skunk Automatic grow in the jiffy cube for a few days under 18 hours on, 6 hours off light schedule before we transplanted our Purple Skunk Automatic into a 5-litre container. Up-potting will allow the roots to stretch and build their network under the soil.

After placing the Purple Skunk Automatic seedling into the soil, we gave it 100 ml of pure water around the base of the stem. Throughout the grow, whether we used pure water or a nutrient solution, we always pH’d the contents to 6.2 before applying it to the soil.

Our IPM program relies on the use of beneficial insects to hunt and eliminate any harmful insects that could be damaging to our garden. We start this early to ensure our chances for success. As we placed our plant in the soil, we also released Hypoaspis Miles, an insect that likes to devour fungus gnats and thrip pupae.

To start week two, we did some gentle plant training to build strong branches, which will later support the weight of the buds. The first thing we did was to make sure the Purple Skunk Automatic had a steady breeze moving the leaves and branches. The airflow wasn’t too heavy; growers should avoid heavy, sustained winds on cannabis plants. We were still feeding pure water in 100 ml increments when needed.

Secondly, we turned the plant 1/2 turn each night before the lights went off. Like sunflowers, cannabis will lean towards the light source. Giving them a turn each evening will force the branches to build cell walls and realign.

Our Purple Skunk Automatic had grown to 12 cm tall by week three. We felt the root system was established enough to start using the Bio Grow nutrients. We added them to our water to get a final EC of 1.6 and then pH’d the solution to our target of 6.2. The watering volume remained the same, at 100 ml around the base of the stem.

We added two new beneficial insects into the garden. Amblyseius Cucumeris is a beneficial insect that will destroy thrip larvae on sight. Additionally, Amblyseius Californicus was added to eliminate any hiding populations of two-spotted spider mites. Both of these insects come in small sachets, which we placed on the soil in each container of Purple Skunk Automatic.

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