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Review: Peaches N Rings Disposable Vape by Mozey


The deluge of new labels with new product lines has forced us to adopt a “new products only” rule for almost all new reviews. Progressive Treatment Solutions has joined the flood, bringing Mozey to Illinois, a label it has already built in Michigan and Arizona. I recently picked up from Consume Marion the labels’ new vapes to review.

Mozey Front Runner Peaches N Rings all in one disposable vape is filled with a distillate infused with botanically derived terpenes. This vape tested at 79.54% THC and 82.07% total cannabinoids.

Peaches N Rings Disposable Vape by Mozey

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About half as thick as a Bic lighter and an inch longer, the white vape had a branded Mozey motif, a large oil-visibility window at the top, a USB-C charge port at the bottom, and a small black button near the middle of the body. Surprisingly complex for a disposable vape, there was an on/off function, four different power levels, a two-press preheat cycle, and both a hit and press to activate mechanism. The golden-amber oil inside was the same color as honey with a thick viscosity that I watched bubble from the coil after every hit.

A tangy note of artificial peach, emulating the tangy peak of peach-rings candies, dominated the profile. The sweet candy tone was strong but short lived and even with the large hits from the higher power levels, there was very little staying power on the palate. Notably though, the air after an exhale remained sweet for some time after a sesh.

After just a couple pulls, a slow building daze descended on my headspace, hurting my focus, while a headband sensation started to tug on my crown. After multiple hits, strong vibratory sensations in my body compounded the distracting nature of the head high. By the 40-minute mark, the peak was gone, leaving low-level clearheaded peacefulness behind. Overall, the Mozey Peaches N Rings had a flexible effect profile that would fit well as an emergency use option, exactly what I enjoy most from vapes. For more Illinois News Joint reviews, visit here.

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Peaches N Rings Disposable Vape by Mozey

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