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Study Finds Marijuana Enhances Orgasm Frequency and Satisfaction in Women with Female Orgasmic Disorder


A recent study published in the journal Sexual Medicine reveals promising results for women who struggle with achieving orgasms.

The study, titled “Assessment of the effect of cannabis use before partnered sex on women with and without orgasm difficulty,” found that cannabis significantly improves the sexual experiences of women facing orgasmic disorders. The study was published in the April issue of the journal, with the full text published online yesterday.

Conducted as an observational study, it gathered data from 1,037 female participants, focusing on those who reported difficulties with orgasms during partnered sex. The research highlighted that a substantial 52% of the respondents experienced challenges in achieving orgasm. 75% of the women were white, 52% identified as LGBTQI+, and 82% were in a relationship.

“Among participants who experienced challenges in achieving orgasm, 72.8% reported that cannabis use before partnered sex increased orgasm frequency, 67% stated that it improved orgasm satisfaction, and 71% indicated that cannabis use made orgasm easier”, states the study. “The frequency of cannabis use before partnered sex correlated with increased orgasm frequency for women who experienced difficulties achieving orgasm. The reasons for cannabis use before partnered sex resulted in a more positive orgasm response.”

Researchers conclude the study by stating:

This study’s findings support 50 years of speculation and research suggesting cannabis as a treatment for FOD [female orgasm disorder]. Key results of improved orgasm frequency, ease, and satisfaction for women reporting FOD during partnered sex show the potential of cannabis becoming a recognized treatment.

Cannabis use before partnered sex appears valuable to women who use it to treat FOD. Indeed, women with FOD experienced improvement during partnered sex regardless of the time frame of cannabis use.

Future research should focus investigations on the potential of cannabis as a treatment option for women who have been diagnosed with mental health diagnoses or have a sexual abuse history. Previous studies have indicated that women with these conditions experienced more positive orgasmic responses and greater satisfaction when using cannabis before sex. It is also essential to explore the use of cannabis as a treatment for primary anorgasmia, as well as for women who used to be able to orgasm but are now unable to do so. This study, with anecdotal reports and less focused studies, suggests that cannabis may improve orgasmic functioning in these women as well. To further evaluate the effectiveness of cannabis in treating female sexual dysfunction and determine the appropriate dosage, it is recommended to conduct randomized controlled studies.

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