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Tesla Is Now Operating Two High-Tech Drones Named After Mars Rovers At Its Berlin Gigafactory – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)


EV giant Tesla Inc TSLA on Wednesday said that it has started operating fully autonomous drones at its sole gigafactory in Berlin, Europe.

What Happened: The two droned are called ‘Pathfinder’ and ‘Opportunity’ and are capable of accurately counting up to 12,000 pallets a day, Tesla said. The company also posted pictures of the drones on X via its Tesla manufacturing handle that provides updates from its different gigafactories.

As per the picture, the drone looks wired to a battery pack on the floor, possibly to provide greater runtime. Though the model is unclear, it looks akin to the ‘inventAIRy XL‘ by RAWview, a stock-taking drone touted as the future of warehousing.

What’s In A Name: The two drones are named after Mars exploration rovers, possibly in line with CEO Elon Musk‘s dreams of enabling human existence on Mars in the future through his rocket manufacturing company SpaceX.

The Pathfinder landed on Mars in 1997 and Opportunity in 2004. Opportunity worked on Mars for nearly 15 years, longer than any other robot.

Photo by JHVEPhoto on Shutterstock

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