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Thai Stick Weed: Exploring Exotic Cannabis Delights!


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What is a thai stick?

Thai Sticks are legendary cannabis products that originate from the Hill Tribes of Northeast Thailand. The traditional Thai Stick is crafted with a potent strain of cannabis called Asobinaka. The construction process involves impaling cannabis buds on a bamboo stick, then layering them with hash oil and wrapping them in cannabis leaves. This produces a uniquely concentrated form of cannabis, offering users a truly potent smoking experience.

Thai weed going global!

sativa vs indica

The popularity of Thai Sticks in the United States emerged during the Vietnam War, as soldiers discovered these potent cannabis products during their downtime. Upon returning home, the demand for Thai Sticks skyrocketed, resulting in thousands of kilos of weed and hash being smuggled into the U.S. However, as the supply of the key ingredient, the Asobinaka strain, dwindled, so did the demand for Thai Sticks. Today, the legacy of Thai Sticks continues, particularly in cannabis-friendly locations like Amsterdam. Adventurous individuals can even try crafting their own Thai Stick, Just don’t forget to take a picture and post it on Instagram, tag us so we can all see the result and enjoy the beauty.  

What are cannabis cigars?

A Cannabis Cigar, also known as a Cannagar, is an enhanced smoking experience that utilizes hemp wick in place of tobacco. This natural and eco-friendly alternative is growing in popularity as more people seek healthier and more sustainable ways to consume cannabis. Essentially, a Cannabis Cigar dipped in hash oil is a contemporary interpretation of a Thai Stick, minus the bamboo skewer.


How to make thai sticks?

Creating your own Thai Stick requires certain materials including whole weed buds, cured cannabis leaves, bamboo skewers, hash oil, hemp wick, and parchment paper. After securing these items, you can start by coating your bamboo stick in hash oil to make the buds stick to it. Next, you’ll skewer your buds onto the stick and wrap them tightly with hemp wick for a uniform burn. Afterward, wrap the stick in parchment paper and freeze it for 24-48 hours. When it’s ready, carefully unwrap it, prepare your leaves, coat the buds with hash oil, and then wrap them with the leaves. The final steps involve wrapping the stick in parchment paper again and applying mild heat to seal everything together, and then wrapping the Thai Stick in hemp cord and curing it.


Hash oil

This is the main ingredient; you can make it yourself! Another process you must follow involves dissolving the weed in a solvent and filtering it.

We will add a link to a “How To” soon, so we can guide you through this step by step. Caution is advised due to the flammability of the solvent. It would be best if you didn’t burn anything but a blunt 😉

With a bit of luck and the right connections, you might be able to purchase it.



How to put your thai stick blunt together

You will begin to construct your Thai Stick following the procedure in the images below:



  1. to start, you will need to gather all of your materials.
  2. Next, you must coat your bamboo stick in hash oil. This will allow the bud to stick to the skewer while you finish the process.
  3. You will then skewer your buds on the Stick, being careful, and leave 1 cm at each end of the skewer. Being careful not to break off any buds, tie your hemp cord to one end of the Stick and start to shape them evenly while wrapping them tightly – this produces an even burn throughout the Thai Stick.
  4. Wrap the Stick in your parchment paper and put it in the freezer for 24-48 hours. Some people will choose to leave it for an extra day, but it should not stay for more than 3 days.
  5. Take the skewered buds from the freezer and carefully unwrap the parchment. Remove the string at this point – taking extra caution not to break any off the Stick.
    – Once the string is off, prepare your prepared leaves.
    – You will want to prepare your leaves by washing them and letting them dry ahead of time.
  6. Now, you want to begin wrapping the Stick with your fresh cannabis leaves.
    – Coat the buds with hash oil.
    – Carefully wrap the buds with the cannabis leaves.
    – You will want to do this three times, so your Stick is wrapped up in three layers of leaves.
  7. Wrapping the Stick in parchment paper again and heat it lightly in a pan or hot plate. This will cause the hash oil to melt and seal everything together. Be Careful! DO NOT BURN IT!
  8. Remove the paper and gently wrap the Thai Stick in the cord again.
  9. Wrap it in the paper again in preparation for curing. 

How to cure your thai stick

Thai Sticks can be cured using two methods – an earth-based method or a modern method.

  • The earth-based method involves burying your Thai Sticks in a plastic bag in the earth for several weeks.
  • Alternatively, the modern method requires placing your Thai Sticks in a plastic bag and refrigerating it for 3-4 days.

Each method has its own advantages and potential drawbacks, such as the possibility of mold growth or the required waiting period.


Why would you want to do this? There are a couple of reasons:

Firstly, due to a multitude of factors associated with the earth-based method (plant material, confinement in a non-breathable bag, temperature variations, etc.), your Thai Stick is at risk of mold development. Considering the investment of time, money, and effort that has gone into this project, the last thing you would want is for it to be compromised by mold.

Secondly, the question of patience comes into play – would you prefer to wait several weeks to enjoy your Thai Stick blunt, when you could potentially have it ready in merely 3-4 days with the modern curing process?


Smoking your thai stick

Smoking a Thai Stick is a straightforward process. You can smoke it in a pipe, or bong, or roll it into a joint. The key is to enjoy the experience, taking note of the powerful effects it can have. Thai Sticks are known for their slow burn and long-lasting effects, often burning for up to six hours. It’s important to smoke responsibly, ensuring that you’re in a safe, relaxed environment to fully enjoy the experience.

Thai sticks in a pipe

Thoroughly clean your pipe before packing Thai Sticks into the bowl. Pack Thai Stick into the bowl and light it like any other cannabis product. Enjoy your Thai Stick!

Thai sticks in a bong

Thai Stick is perfect for smoking in a bong! The process is pretty simple, Fill your bong with water and Thai Stick. Light it and enjoy!

Thai stick in a joint

Thai Stick is perfect for smoking in a joint! Roll up the Thai Stick in some rolling paper and enjoy. No need to overthink it!



Regardless of how you choose to smoke it

It is important to take your time and enjoy it. It can be a heavy hit, so be careful and ensure you are in a safe and relaxed environment. We have seen too many tourists in our beloved Dam taking a good thug and getting smoked with the high and all the madness around them.

We recommend that you find a comfortable spot, a relaxed area with chill surroundings, sit back, light it up, and enjoy!




Thai sticks burn longer than normal joints.

It can burn up to 6 hours on average. You will want to remove the skewer from the center of your Stick. This will leave a hollow tube in the middle of the Stick, allowing good airflow and a path for the smoke to travel down. Thai Sticks burn slowly. Please make sure you enjoy it responsibly. You will not smoke the whole thing. It’s okay to rest but put the Stick in an ashtray. We do not want you to fall asleep with a lit one in your hand.



Frequently asked questions

How much do Thai sticks cost?

The price of Thai Sticks is contingent on the quantity and quality of the cannabis used in its production. Each Thai Stick contains approximately four to ten grams of cannabis. Given the current market rate of around $20 per gram, this situates the price range for a single Thai Stick between $75 to $200. A high-quality, premium strain of cannabis will elevate the price, whereas lower-grade cannabis will decrease it.

Are thai sticks still around?

Indeed, Thai Sticks continue to be available and have experienced a resurgence in popularity. Originally, Thai Sticks enjoyed a period of high demand but fell out of favor towards the end of the 1980s. However, in recent years, due to the progressive legalization of cannabis worldwide, Thai Sticks have regained prominence in the cannabis market.

How was a thai stick made?

The creation of a Thai Stick involves a meticulous process. It begins with skewering cannabis buds onto a stick, followed by compressing them firmly against it. Subsequently, the skewer, now laden with cannabis, is wrapped in leaves and then set to cure. The curing process typically involves refrigeration for a period of 3-4 days. After curing, the Thai Stick is ready for consumption.

How long does it take to make a thai stick?

The process of creating a Thai Stick, excluding the time for cannabis cultivation, traditionally takes approximately two weeks from start to finish. This includes the preparation, assembly, and curing stages.

Is thai stick a strain?

While there is a cannabis strain known as “Thai Stick” or “Thai Sticks,” it should be clarified that this is distinct from the original strain used in traditional Thai Sticks. The authentic Thai Stick was made using the Asobinaka strain, which is now extinct.

How old are thai sticks?

Thai Sticks are a type of cannabis “cigar” originating from Thailand. Unfortunately, due to the clandestine nature of their historical usage, precise data regarding their age is elusive. However, the intriguing history of Thai Sticks continues to be a subject of interest, particularly as cannabis gains more widespread acceptance.

Does thai stick get you high?

To answer this question, it’s important to distinguish between the Thai Stick strain and the Thai Stick product. The Thai Stick strain, with a THC content of around 15-20%, is potent enough to induce a substantial-high. The Thai Stick product, also referred to as a “Cannagar,” is a multi-layered, oil-infused cannabis “cigar” that delivers a profoundly intense high when smoked.

Where can i buy thai sticks?

Thai Sticks can generally be located at cannabis dispensaries. In Amsterdam, reputable establishments such as Coffeeshop De Kade and Cannacenter Best Friends are known to carry them occasionally. Being specialty items, the quality of Thai Sticks can differ substantially, which is why it’s suggested to consult customer reviews prior to committing to a purchase. It’s crucial to ensure that the Thai Stick you procure is composed of 100% Sativa strain. Although it might require some effort to find a superior-quality Thai Stick, the unique and satisfying smoking experience it offers makes the quest entirely worthwhile.

What is the difference between a thai stick and a cannabis cigar?

The primary distinction between a Thai Stick and a Cannabis Cigar pertains to the time and method of their construction. A Cannabis Cigar is essentially a joint that uses cannabis leaves in place of traditional rolling paper. Thai Sticks, on the other hand, involves skewering and compressing cannabis buds onto bamboo sticks, which are then bound by hemp string and dipped in oil.

Are thai sticks made from an indica or sativa strain?

Historically, Thai Sticks have been produced exclusively using pure Sativa strains of cannabis.

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