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The Best Dab Rigs in 2023 [$60-$400]

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When it comes to dabbing, there are so many ways to get your rig on. If you’re an enthusiast, it can be hard to suppress your urge for the latest toy, and if you’re new to this world, it can be hard to know where to start.

Here’s a hand-picked selection of dab rigs and other fun concentrate toys to look out for in 2023 — for beginners and seasoned dabbers alike.

Save on concentrates so you can splurge on your rig

Best budget dab rig

When it comes to glass, things can get pricey. Sometimes you just need an affordable, quality piece, either to start off with or to just have in your rig rotation.


Groove’s collection of glass was made for this precise purpose; it’s the intersection of quality and price. Value-driven and functional, Groove is clear about what it delivers.

The Groove 7″ Beaker Rig goes for $59.99.

Best portable dab rig

While old-school dabbing is not something one typically associates with “on-the-go,” today’s concentrate lover wants to be able to dab anywhere at any time.


Stache offers a traditional glass rig that is made to be portable. The RiO (Rig-in-One) model is a classic cold start, glass, and combustion-based rig designed to be used on the go, featuring a shower head percolator and a built-in butane torch. Tuck it all into the included foam-padded carrying case.

The Stache RiO Matte color rigs sells for $149.

Best beginner dab rigs

When getting started in the world of dabbing, you may want to forgo a lot of the technicalities and customization that is possible with classic rigs. Glass makers know this and offer some great kits to get you started.


Goody, a brand known for its playful approach to stoner accessories, put together 4-piece beginner kits in a variety of rig styles, with each kit including a mini-rig, banger, dab tool, and carb cap.

The Chief Mini Dab Rig and kit go for $59.99.

MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal also offers a variety of high-quality and sleek-looking beginner kits that include a mini-rig, banger, dab tool, carb cap, and a black carrying case.

The Staff Pick Bundle Pack features the stylish Infinity Mini Rig model and sells for $91.00.

Best e-rigs

It’s 2023, so of course we’ve taken the classic analog dab rig and digitized it. If you want to make dabbing a snap and cut out the technicalities that come with torching, then e-rigs are the way to go.


Puffco is known for product usability and quality, and their Peak line eliminates all of the guesswork that goes into getting dabbing right. Just turn it on, load it up, and watch it do all the work for you.

The Puffco Peak goes for $249.99, while the Peak Pro (which offers a higher level of customization and wireless charging) goes for $399.

Dr. Dabber

Rivaling Puffco’s quality and usability are Dr. Dabber’s e-rigs. The Switch model can hold flower and concentrates, with 25 temperature settings, self-cleaning ability, and some cool lighting to boot.

The Switch sells for $349.99.

Best dab pens

While not technically a rig, dab pens deserve a place on this list because they are one of the most popular and convenient ways of consuming concentrates. If you’re into dabbing, chances are you’ve got a standard at-home rig and a pen for on-the-go use.

Dip Devices

Dip Devices offers a pen that can be used as a straw or as a traditional pen with two different attachments. It also has a 900 mAh battery, is easy to clean, and comes in four finishes tied to different charitable causes, such as drug policy reform and LGBTQIA+ rights.

The Dipper Vaporizer sells for $99.99.


Another reliable and popular brand, Utilian makes a stainless steel dab pen that features changeable triple titanium and twisted Kanthal coils, four voltage presets, and a 1,500 mAh battery.

The Utilian 5 (V3) goes for $89.99.

Best durable dab rigs

When we’re talking about glass, breakage is always a thing that can and does happen. That’s why you’ll always find rigs made with toughness in mind.

Higher Standards

Higher Standards has made a sleek mini-rig from 7mm thick, medical-grade borosilicate glass that sports a sturdy base for extra stability and durability. It comes with a quartz banger and a glass bowl, dab tool, and carb cap.

The Heavy Duty Riggler sells for $150.


If you want to really minimize the chance of breakage, Eyce specializes in silicone smokeware that is built to last. The brand even covers its products with a lifetime warranty.

It has two rig models that rely on silicone, but The Sidecar minimizes glass components as the entire main body is made from platinum-cured silicone, along with a quartz banger and glass cover. It also has an adjustable neck and comes in 20 different colorways.

The Eyce Sidecar sells for $74.99.

Best splurge dab rigs

If you want to go all out on a rig, the best way to drop serious coin (IMHO) is by investing in a custom-made piece of glass. There are veritable artists out there who can do things with glass that will shock and amaze.

Not surprisingly, there is also a multitude of online communities for glass enthusiasts where you can hunt for leads. There are so many talented glassblowers out there, so have fun going down the rabbit hole.

To get started, check out these unique glass artists:

Bottom line

Cannabis concentrates have a loyal and dedicated fan base, with dabbing owning its own corner of the concentrates world. And while technology and innovation have diversified the ways in which dabbing can be done, OG analog and electronic dabbing happily coexist while offering their own pros, cons, and experiences.

There are lots of rigs out there to explore, so have fun taking the journey.

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