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The Better Choice: Organic Newborn Clothes

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The past few years have allowed the term “organic” to gain popularity and today, more and more parents are leaning towards choosing organic newborn clothes over any others to keep their children’s health at an optimum level and minimize their exposure to harmful toxins that can have a negative effect on their bodies. Learn more about organic farming, dangers of non-organic baby clothes and organic newborn clothing. This way you can make an informed decision when picking out clothes and outfits for your baby!

To keep things short and simple, organic farming is a method of producing food and other raw materials that are in harmony with the nature. In this type of farming, no chemicals, pesticides or any sort of preservatives are being used. When we talk of organic farming, the soil is not being tampered with any type of harmful elements. It is 100% safe and natural!

Go organic!

There are a lot of harmful chemicals that are used in the production of an average commercially produced cloth. To name a few, there are artificial brighteners, flame-retardants, softeners, ammonia, formaldehyde and metals. Even the soil that is used to produce these materials is being bombarded with pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It is a reality that even with many washes during the process of manufacturing, there are still remaining traces of these harmful chemicals that will be present and will continue to be attached to the cloth that will be made into clothes. These commercially produced items can be a health risk, most especially to these little ones that have yet to fully develop their immune systems and are more susceptible to infections. Unlike organic newborn clothes, the ones that are made out of non-organic materials can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions and other skin diseases. Continuous exposure to these harmful elements can pose greater risk to the health.

Knowing the dangers that commercially produced clothes have is surely enough to make parents rethink their choices when buying children’s clothes. Organic newborn clothes are safer and better alternatives to non-organic ones. These clothes even lasts longer as it can reach up to at least a hundred washes before it starts to break down. In the long run, although it may cost more, it will turn into a better purchase and a better investment. Organic newborn clothes are produced in an all-natural way making it better for your baby and better for the environment.

Organic newborn clothes are available in different organic materials such as cotton (which is the most common), but also there are others like wool, silk, hemp, bamboo and alpaca. So you have a lot of choices these days when it comes to organic newborn clothes, whatever the occasion maybe.

When purchasing organic newborn clothes, you need to remember to read the labels. There are many clothes that claim to be all-natural when they are not actually 100% organic. Be sure to check the tags, as this will confirm that you are getting exactly what you want and prefer. Also remember to wash your organic newborn clothes with natural detergents or else it will defeat the purpose in all of this.

Source by Reba M Smith