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The Essential 420 Toolkit


The sacred, unofficial day of cannabis is almost here again. April 20th, or “420,” reigns supreme as a special sort of “holidaze” for weed lovers around the world. Make sure your 420 toolkit is stocked with the latest innovative tech, gorgeous gadgets and premium products so you get the best experience. Of course, don’t forget to stock up on the stickiest of the sticky-icky to enjoy it with.

420 Toolkit Grenco Science Modul
Turn up the heat with the Modül and Dok bundle.

Grenco Science Modül and Dök

A 420 toolkit list wouldn’t be complete without a Grenco Science shout out. Take your sesh on the move with the Modül and Dök, the portable cannabis experience that epitomizes the duality of form and function. The Modül is a cutting-edge innovation tailored for the digital era—something of a Grenco Science specialty. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Modül boasts a 2.4″ high-resolution color display and customizable temperature and session settings, all conveniently controlled by a single-hand dial. Its intelligent detection technology ensures optimal heat settings and is powered by a 6,000mAh lithium-ion battery. The Modül can reach temperatures of up to 842℉/450℃ in just 15 seconds, offering unparalleled heating power.

Available in two versions for dry material or concentrates, each Modül package includes a quartz tank, carb cap, loading tool and a sleek travel case for on-the-go convenience. Pair the device with the Modül Dök, a 6″ portable glass piece designed to seamlessly pair with the Modül for a fast, safe and customizable experience. With magnetic connectivity, the Dök unlocks the full potential of both dry herb and concentrate materials, harnessing the Modül’s power.

Get fresh with Breez.

Breez is the Californian company behind the cannabis mints—the ultimate solution for your 420 experience. Whether you seek socializing, relaxation, focus or relief, this discreet cannabis product has you covered. Slip a tin into your pocket and head out to connect with your crew effortlessly. Available online and in select dispensaries.

Holy smokes!

Daysavers Smoke Temple Pre-Roll Cross Cone

Everyone remembers the iconic scene from the movie “Pineapple Express,” when Seth Rogen rolls the cross joint. Perfect for creating a memorable smoke session for all involved on 420 and beyond, the Smoke Temple Cross Cone from Daysavers promises to take your smoke session to new heights. With a capacity of up to 3 grams of flower, filling this cross cone is a breeze. Simply remove the paper insert, fill it with cannabis and light all three sides with friends for an unforgettable experience. Made from ultra-fine European rolling paper and rigorously tested to meet industry standards, these pre-rolled cones ensure a smooth smoke that’s guaranteed to impress.

420 Toolkit
High art.

Timeless x Valentina Vargas Collab Products

There’s no denying that a high-end 510 cart filled with premium concentrate is an on-the-go stoner’s best friend. The problem is, they can be unhygienic. Ask yourself this: How many times have you thrown your vape pen in your bag or stuffed it into your pocket, only for it to emerge covered in lint? How great would it be to have a case that fits your vape pen? Well, you’re in luck.

Timeless Vapes launched its newest collaboration under the Artist Legacy program, teaming up with Valentina Vargas, a talented cartoonist based in Northern California. This innovative program celebrates multimedia artists, offering them a platform to showcase their art and perspectives through cannabis-inspired creations. Vergas’ covetable collection includes a vaporizer flip case and battery combo, notepads, pens and a pin adorned with her signature illustrations. Available in limited quantities, Vargas’s Artist Legacy series can be found at select retail outlets across Arizona, California, Missouri, Ohio and Oklahoma, as well as online.

Elevate your 420 toolkit with Honest’s high design.

Honest Grinder and Storage Set

Having somewhere stylish to store your weed in between blunts is an essential part of any stoner worth their salt’s 420 toolkit. Enter high-design lifestyle company Honest, whose product line is designed to be showcased rather than hidden away. The Oregon-based company’s new grinder and matching storage set features a precision-machined flower grinder atop a hand-blown glass base, allowing for a transparent grinding experience. Grab the bundle and you’ll also get the gorgeous Capsule Water Pipe.

420 Toolkit Code Red Eye Drops
This is not a drill! Code Red will keep your eyes fresh.

Code Red Eye Drops

The question “Dude, are my eyes red?” is one as old as time. Combat your glazy stare this 420 and any day with Code Red eye drops—a must-have for your 420 toolkit. The revolutionary formulation is designed to address dry eyes alongside redness. Unlike traditional brands like Visine and Clear Eyes, which can irritate the eyes, Code Red focuses on providing relief by lubricating without exacerbating irritation. These unique drops work by contracting blood vessels, effectively reducing redness while moisturizing and lubricating for comfort. Exclusively available at smoke shops and dispensaries, Code Red offers fast-acting, sterile eye care tailored specifically for cannabis lovers.

Shop Smarter With 420 Data

As legalization continues, 420 has also become a commercial powerhouse in cannabis retail. Recent data from cannabis retail technology company Treez highlights its unparalleled appeal, with April 20, 2023, boasting a staggering 123% increase in shoppers compared to any other day. This year, with 420 coinciding with the weekend for the first time since 2019, Treez forecasts a potential surge nearly 2.5 times larger than usual. Cashless transactions soared by 65%, accounting for 28% of purchases in 2023, signaling evolving consumer preferences. 420’s customer count has risen by 25% since 2020, a testament to the day’s enduring appeal as a dedicated buying day.

However you’re celebrating this most special holidaze with your 420 toolkit must-haves, make sure you stay hydrated, have plenty of snacks nearby—and remember to pass the dutchy ‘pon the lefthand side.

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