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Wedding Cheesecake Feminized Grow Report

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Our Wedding Cheesecake Feminized grew compact and sturdy, capable of supporting the weight of its large buds without assistance. The 70% indica / 30% sativa heritage was evident in the morphology, but the effects offer the best of both worlds. This report documents the 92-day cultivation cycle from seed to harvest.

Flowering stage: 56 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 92 days

Final yield: 72 grams

THC content: 22.72%

To create Wedding Cheesecake Feminized, our award-winning breeders combined three highly potent and popular cultivars; Cheese, Girl Scout Cookies, and Cherry Kush. The entire process is documented, providing growers with a roadmap for growing this plant to its fullest potential, and we were excited to get this cultivar started in our indoor garden.

Oscillating fans provide sufficient air circulation, moving air above and below the canopy. This combination prevents stale, moist air from gathering in the canopy or corners. We also exhaust the air from the room using inline fans. The inline fan sends the odorous air into a carbon filter, which scrubs it of odours to help keep our grow room discreet.

We started our Wedding Cheesecake Feminized seeds under a 600W HPS bulb at a distance of 1m, but the leading light used for this grow a 1000W Green Power Phillips HPS system. This light was permanently fixed 3m above the soil surface. 

We used BAC Lava Mix as our medium for this cultivation, and Bio Grow and Bio Bloom nutrients were supplemented throughout each growing stage. Water and all feed solutions were pH’d to 6.2 before hand-watering our Wedding Cheesecake Feminized plants.

Environmental controls were the last thing to get dialled in before we started our cultivation cycle. By maintaining temperature and humidity, we can adequately manipulate growth and nutrient uptake to push our Wedding Cheesecake Feminized to its fullest potential. 

The daytime temperature was maintained throughout the cycle at 23°C and 21°C with the lights off. The light schedule for our Wedding Cheesecake Feminized was 18 on/6 off during the vegetative stage and 12/12 during flowering.

In week one, we placed our Wedding Cheesecake Feminized seed between moist paper towels enclosed between two plates. For the first 24 hours, it remained in the moist environment, and by the second day, a white tap root was showing. We removed our seed using tweezers and moved it into a 1-litre container. 

The humidity should always be highest during the seedling stage, and we had ours set to 65%. Within 24 hours, our Wedding Cheesecake Feminized seed had sprouted through the soil and began reaching for the light. On the third day, the soil looked slightly dry, and we added 100 ml of water with a rooting hormone directly around the stem.

It is never too early to deploy a pest management strategy, and we had enough vegetative growth at week two to start making our seedling an attractive target. Being proactive, we released two types of predator insects. We used Neoseiulus Californicus and Amblyseius Swirskii to hunt and eat any populations of fungus gnats, aphids, or thrips.

We transplanted our Wedding Cheesecake Feminized into an 8-litre container to support new growth. This will let the roots grow and explore the extra soil mass. We subsequently increased our solution to 200 ml per watering and poured it directly at the base of our plant. As the root zone developed, we introduced Bio Grow, and the final EC of our solution was 1.4.

In week three, our Wedding Cheesecake Feminized started to thrive. We continued with the Bio Grow nutrients at an EC of 1.4. The volume of solution was increased to 400 ml, which was applied at the base of the stem. Our plant had its first set of true five-fingered leaves and auxiliary branches growing from the lower nodes. 

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