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A Golf Event Redefining Cannabis Industry Connections


This uniquely cannabis-centered golf outing isn’t just about tees and putts; it’s about forging connections, building brands, and creating something truly iconic. The brainchild of Ann Brum, the CEO of Joint Venture & Co (JVC), a woman-owned event production & marketing business, TeeHC Open is poised to be a standout event.

The Genesis of the TeeHC Open

The story of TeeHC Open begins at MJBizCon of all places, where Brum had an unexpected encounter with Dan Serard from Cannabis Creative. Serard floated the idea of a networking golf tournament, which initially seemed like familiar territory for Brum, whose company, JVC, specializes in curating unique experiences. However, as their conversation evolved, it became apparent that this event could be much more than just another golf tournament. It could be a platform for brand-building, storytelling, and community building within the cannabis industry. With the enthusiastic support of Seth Worby and his team at Cannabis Creative, the TeeHC Open was born.

TeeHC Open - Redefining Cannabis Networking

TeeHC Open – Redefining Cannabis Networking /

A Legacy of Innovation and Connection

The TeeHC Open isn’t merely another event on the cannabis event circuit. It’s an endeavor to rewrite the rulebook of business in the cannabis world. Brum describes it as a unique opportunity to normalize the plant, while doing business differently, emphasizing the importance of forming bonds with individuals and organizations you genuinely enjoy working with. 

In an industry known for its challenges, breakneck pace and constant pursuit of the next big thing, the TeeHC Open offers cannabis professionals a moment to pause, to connect, laugh, and support each other. 

Brum feels it akin to a family reunion with a business twist, recognizing that personal connections and relationships are the driving force behind the cannabis industry’s longevity and progress.

Navigating Challenges with Grit and Grace

Leading a business in the cannabis industry presents its own set of challenges, including aligning investors, shareholders, and the leadership team. For Brum, being a woman at the helm adds an extra layer of complexity, which she views as an opportunity to embrace both fiery focus and raw vulnerability. She sees this blend of strength and openness as not just her secret weapon but a badge of honor.

For those who want to venture into cannabis events, Brum emphasizes the importance of a clear vision, a well-defined campaign strategy, and a budget. However, the real game-changer, she believes, is the choice of partners. Surrounding oneself with strong, professional, and genuinely kind partners can make the journey ten times richer, elevating ideas, serving as a sounding board, and fostering authentic synergy. This philosophy certainly applies outside of cannabis as well. 

As cannabis attorney Cristina Buccola has counseled in an interview here in The Bluntness, it’s important to know who you fuck with and who fucks with you…  

A recent example of this kind of partnership was on full display at the Media Mixtape Party Vol. 1 following MJ Unpacked in NYC this past April. Ann and her team at Joint Venture & Co, partnered with The Bluntness, Farechild and Sensi Magazine to produce one of the industry’s most memorable and epic after-parties featuring several of the cannabis industry’s leading independent, minority and women-owned media publishers and event producers. 

The Media Mixtape Party Vol. 1 - featuring Tony Touch - produced by The Bluntness, JVC, Farechild and Sensi Magazine.

The Media Mixtape Party Vol. 1 – featuring Tony Touch – produced by The Bluntness, JVC, Farechild and Sensi Magazine. /

Normalizing the Plant

Brum is a firm believer that more traditional industries have much to gain by immersing themselves more deeply in cannabis culture. She encourages traditional sectors to explore the vibes, nuances, history, and science of the cannabis plant inviting traditional industries to bring cannabis into their boardroom discussions or golf-course discourse in the case of the TeeHC Open, recognizing the wealth of transferable knowledge between these worlds.

One of the initiatives that exemplifies this fusion of worlds is the Yoga+ project. In partnership with Tara Morris of The Love Offensive brand, JVC created yoga BLISS retreats in bucolic locations like Vermont and Martha’s Vineyard. These retreats combine conscious cannabis consumption with traditional wellness practices, offering participants a unique and holistic experience. 

Brum believes these initiatives are just scratching the surface – since it’s not just about yoga; it’s about an experience. It’s about infusing your downward dog with a touch of cannabis-infused zen or discovering your inner chi amidst nature and holistic practices. underscoring the enormous potential for cannabis and traditional wellness to not only coexist but thrive together.

At the core of Brum’s mission is a commitment to reduce suffering. She achieves this by spotlighting brands and social initiatives that share this ethos. Her greatest career achievements are not measured in awards but in the tangible impact her work has on people’s lives. Empowering individuals with knowledge to make informed decisions for themselves and their families is the driving force behind her efforts.

As we begin to wrap up, Brum takes a moment to reflect on the pioneers, the advocates, and the individuals who are still unjustly incarcerated for their association with cannabis. To the cannabis community, patients, and consumers, she offers her deepest appreciation. They are the true MVPs of this incredible journey.

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