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Delta 9 Launches Co-Developed Beer with Brewing Company – Cannabis Hemp Blog


Delta 9 Cannabis (TSXV:NINE) announced the launch of jointly developed beer product using raw hemp material as an ingredient alongside the Fort Garry Brewing Company.

As quoted in the press release:

Delta 9 Legal Lager is now on sale at MLLC liquor outlets across the province, and is the first beer produced as a collaboration between a brewery and a legal cannabis company. Delta 9 provided the raw hemp material for the beer while Fort Garry Brewing is responsible for production and marketing. Both companies shared the cost of research and development.

Legal Lager is an alcoholized beer infused with material from hemp seeds, and therefore contains no cannabis or any other psychoactive agent produced from the cannabis plant. However, the hemp beer released this week is a first step in an ongoing research and development project to jointly produce a cannabis beer that contains THC.

The two companies are currently developing a co-branded, cannabinoid-infused beer that contains no alcohol. Release of that Phase 2 product would be developed internally as a concept beverage, and would not be sold or made available to the public until it is approved by Health Canada and relevant provincial regulatory bodies.

Click here to read the full press release.

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