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Hip-Hop Icon Xzibit Opens First Dispensary in Bel Air


Xzibit's West Coast Cannabis Bel Air California
Photo: Xzibit’s West Coast Cannabis

LOS ANGELES – In a groundbreaking move for the Los Angeles cannabis scene, rap mogul, actor, and entrepreneur Xzibit has launched the first and only cannabis dispensary in the upscale neighborhood of Bel Air, California, underlining a significant cultural shift in one of the city’s most exclusive enclaves. Xzibit’s West Coast Cannabis (XWCC), nestled at 641 North Sepulveda Blvd., represents not just a business venture but also a celebration of West Coast cultural touchpoints including entertainment, sports, car culture, and scenic beaches.

Despite the dispensary’s quiet opening last month, Xzibit is set to commemorate the milestone with an April 28 grand opening featuring a 4:20 p.m. ribbon-cutting ceremony followed by a community block party. Attendees can look forward to a red carpet event complete with local food vendors, classic cars, outdoor activities, and giveaways.

Xzibit said he intends for the dispensary to stand as a tribute to the West Coast lifestyle

“The West Coast is more than just a term that describes where we live,” the Detroit native born Alvin Nathaniel Joiner said. “It stands for the culture of everything that represents us.”

XWCC’s opening in Bel Air marks a notable shift in Los Angeles’ luxury neighborhoods, which have been slow to embrace cannabis dispensaries despite California voters legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016. Xzibit’s move not only fills a gap in the upscale cannabis market but also sets a precedent for other wealthy communities across the country.

Unlike alcohol, cannabis requires a nuanced appreciation of its effects and benefits, fostering a more intimate and respectful relationship between the consumer and the product. Through XWCC, Xzibit aims to create a space that transcends the transactional nature of retail, offering a meaningful experience that resonates with consumers on a personal level.

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