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How To Know Whether You Bought Good Weed, Bad Weed or Dank Weed


Why is weed sticky? Well, trichomes are the fine crystals found on buds — they’re what makes sticky weed and what gives dank weed that beautiful powdered sugar look. Trichomes contain resin and a good majority of cannabinoids, otherwise known as the compounds that get you high so their presence is important. Good weed will have A LOT of trichomes and be at least slightly sticky when you touch it — there’s a reason “that sticky icky” is glorified in rap songs, it’s good weed. And what does bad weed look like? Well, it will feel dry and not have all those dank crystals covering it.

Color is another clue to the quality of your weed — if the flower material has a rich coloring, whether it’s deep green or contains purple streaks (we’re looking at you Purple Haze), then it’s probably at least decent. Low quality flowers look yellowish or brown. Yellow may indicate that the flower was grown on a sick plant or that it didn’t get enough sunlight, both will produce a lower THC count than a healthy plant grown in full sun. A brown color may indicate oxidation, meaning that it’s been around for a while, and time is the killer of even the dankest buds.

In nice buds, there are no seeds, certainly not visible ones, the shape is appropriate for the strain, and there is no mold or mildew. Reggie buds may lack structure, feel “fluffy”, have loads of seeds, and perhaps worst of all, contain mold.

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