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Mother’s Day 2023 Cannabis Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and, whoever the mom(s) are in your life, I hope you are celebrating them! This gift guide has several cannabis themed gifts that are sure to please mom, whether she is a stoner or not! 

Of course, I would encourage you to support your local dispensary or cannabis retail shop to stock up on some goodies for Mother’s Day as well…it is important to support your local cannabis brands!  However, if you want a little extra, these unique and innovative cannabis gifts have got you covered for Mother’s Day 2023. 

The Best Cannabis GIfts for Mother’s Day 2023

CBD Self care products from Susan’s Own

If you’re interested in ways to cultivate calm for mom with your Mother’s Day gift, check out the new full spectrum CBD self care products from Susan’s Own. Created by Blazy Susan, one of the trendiest and innovative brands in the cannabis lifestyle space, Susan’s Own products are made with all natural, vegan ingredients, and only American-grown hemp. They can be used for combatting pain, inflammation, anxiety and more. They are also third-party lab-tested for potency and to screen out unwanted additives and pesticides. The product line up includes: CBD tinctures in original, creamsicle, and lemonade (1000mg each), Bath bombs in either lavender or rose (100 mg each), and Muscle balms (4000 mg each). You can also check out the variety of smoking accessories from Blazy Susan, including the new cone stuffer holders which Mom will also love! This is one of the best cannabis gifts for Mother’s Day in 2023.

Tonics from BREZ

For the newest cannabis gift for Mother’s Day that will have mom on the cutting edge of alternative drinks, check out innovative BREZ beverages featuring the ultimate combo of TBC, CBD, and adaptogenic Lion’s Mane mushrooms. BREZ has been crafted to be subtle enough for cannabis-skeptical family members to try while offering a stack-able, ever-ascending experience for the connoisseur.  Each 7.5oz can features 25 mg of highly concentrated Lion’s Mane craft-extracted from 1600 mg of organic fruiting bodies alongside 2.5mg of THC, 5mg of CBD, and 5 mg of minor cannabinoids, producing a full-spectrum natural entourage experience unlike anything else. The brand launched just last month on 4/20 and is paving it’s way into the cannabis market.  This new product in the beverage space is one of the best Mother’cannabis gifts this year for sure.

Neck and Back Massager Set by RENPHO x REBLANCE CBD 

As you may have seen in our Valentine’s gift guide, RENPHO and REBLANCE CBD have a partnership that includes the ultimate muscle rejuvenation for mom. This Mother’s Day gift is one that any cannamama (and others!) can enjoy and is a wonderful cannabis gift combo. You can attach this neck and back massager with an ergonomic design to a recliner, sofa seat or office chair for a concentrated massage to your spinal area. This device is equipped with 8 deep kneading massage nodes that travel up and down to relax your entire back and hit all sore points, and a massage pillow that can be vertically adjusted to rest behind most necks regardless of height. The device also has neck and back heat capabilities that work wonderfully in combination with the REBLANCE CBD products to relieve tense muscles around the entire lumbar and shoulder region. The Broad Spectrum CBD Sports Cream helps to warm up stiff joints pre-workout and relieve discomfort of muscle fatigue post-workout. The topical includes menthol and camphor to help amplify the potent effect of CBD.  Use discount code TWB15 to get 5% OFF sitewide on REBLANCE.com (bundles included!) 

Chronic Duo and CBD Vape Pen Kit from Tonic

Treat mom to cannabis wellness, relaxation, and self care with this lovely combo of products from Tonic. The chronic duo consists of the Tonic Bath Soak (300 mg CBD) and Tonic Roll-On (300 mg CBD). Featuring Tonic’s proprietary ‘Chronic’ essential oil blend… Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salt and Dead Sea Salt with full spectrum hemp extract, meadowfoam seed oil and vitamin E. The Tonic Roll-On is a highly concentrated dose of CBD and therapeutic grade essential oils that provides targeted relief in a convenient, easy to use roll-on applicator. The Tonic Vape pen is a high quality CBD vaporizer, infused with the terpenes limonene (for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and stress-relieving properties) and pinene (for stress and inflammation relief).  Additionally, it is lab tested for purity and potency and is equipped with Blue Bite NFC authentication technology to ensure traceability and verification throughout our supply chain. This combo is sure to be one of the best cannabis gifts for mom this Mother’s Day!

Smart Glass Jewelry

One of the best cannabis gifts for any stoner mama is some intentionally made jewelry that she can rock all year long whether she’s at work or play.  Smart Glass Jewelry starts by collecting a variety of used and discarded bottles that are sorted and then cut and fired to create unique glass pieces of jewelry. They use a variety of techniques to alter the finished shape and texture of the glass, such as a seaglass-style matte finish or a wavy contour. This is repurposing and upcycling at its finest! All the colors are original to the bottles, and each piece of jewelry comes with a gift card that has the bottle key inside which tells you what colors come from what bottles. Any stoner mama will appreciate the uniqueness and wearability of this jewelry that comes from such a thoughtful and environmentally conscious company…and they are even having a Mother’s Day gift sale that you can check out here

Day One CBD  Sparkling Water 

You may recall my previous coverage of Day One CBD in our Mother’s Day gift guide from last year,  as they are one of the best CBD sparkling waters on the current cannabis gift market! Now, Day One has introduced New Slim cans to heighten consumers’ experience and make the benefits of ready-to-drink CBD increasingly more accessible. Day One provides consumers an alcohol-free indulgence, with real fruit juice, no added sugar, zero-calories, and 20mg of CBD. Give mom the best cannabis Mother’s Day gift for hydration and happiness with Day One. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

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