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Mother’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide 2024


This year get mom exactly what she wants…the best cannabis gifts!  While I would always encourage you to support your local dispensary and grab mom all the best cannabis products on the market, of course there are other fun things that are just the perfect gifts for the stoner mama(s) in your life.  Here are a few of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts for 2024…

The Best Cannabis Gifts for Mother’s Day 2024

Seltzers from WYNK

Check out these amazing cannabis drink options from WYNK,  a low-dose hemp-derived THC:CBD seltzer that believes in wellness through social connection. WYNK has zero calories, zero sugar and is made with all-natural flavors in Black Cherry, Lime Twist, Juicy Mango and their newest flavor, Tangerine available in 2.5 and 5 mg doses in respective 6oz and 12oz cans. Mom is sure to be pleased with this Mother’s Day gift on her special day and for the rest of the year! 

GuruNanda’s Saltair Lamp & Essential Oil Diffuser  

This fun Mother’s Day gift is a 4 in 1…you get a salt lamp, essential oil diffuser, humidifier, and a color-changing night light all in one from GuruNanda. There are 2 modes: Turbo/Fast Scent Mode and the Mist Mode. The turbo/fast Mode is for a constant diffuse mist of aroma for 5 minutes before switching to Mist Mode.  The Mist Mode is a slow stagnant mist of aroma with no timer. The salt lamp has an auto-shut-off feature that will turn the diffuser off when the water is below the desired level. Features include: Adds moisture to dry air, Provides 2.5 hours of run time, Covers  250 Sq Ft. (small room), Auto – Shut Off feature, Delivers a pleasant aroma when used with GuruNanda Essential Oils.

The Perfect Pack from DaySavers

The Perfect Pack from DaySavers offers the gift of perfectly packed joints this Mother’s Day with the DaySavers Perfect Pack. Designed specifically for cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate quality and convenience, the Perfect Pack is a game-changer for moms and grandmas who love smoking but struggle to roll joints. With the Perfect Pack, they can effortlessly create their own joints with the press of a button, making up to 3 pre-rolled cones a minute without the hassle of manual rolling.  Also, check out the cute Flavored Wood Tips  to treat mom to something sweet this Mother’s Day. These 9mm wood tips will enhance the flavor of joints with the subtle sweetness of sugar or vanilla and provide a cool smoke thanks to the wood’s natural cooling properties. Whether mom prefers rolling her own joint or enhancing a pre-roll, these flavored wood tips are perfect for mom’s looking for a luxurious smoking experience.

Now Melt Self-Care Products from Autumn Brands

We have seen many great products come from Autumn Brands before, but now they have created an entire self-care line called Now Melt that is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day for any mom in your life. Not only is bathtime a time for moms to enjoy uninterrupted quiet time, but they can also reap the benefits of a warm bath, like lowering blood pressure and reducing cortisol. Even better, Now Melt soothing bath crystals blend in the power of magnesium to regulate muscle and nerve function and essential oils to add calming effects. The soothing lavender and jasmine scents with earthy sandalwood and rose notes will help mom melt into the ultimate relaxation. Then mom can follow up the perfect bath with Now Melt Slather Worthy Body Butter. This luxurious body butter warms the skin and absorbs deeply.  What a wonderful gift to give mom to Introduce the power of cannabis and support her journey toward greater physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Autumn Brands’ products are always made with 100% spray-free cannabis and clean ingredients. 

Backpack and Pink Smoke Accessories from  Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan, a forward thinking and consumer focused brand, makes some of the best rolling and dabbing accessories out there and mom will absolutely love them for her Mother’s Day gift! Their fun and vibrant packaging makes them stand out from competitors. 2 of my current favorites are the pink grinder and the pink rolling tray…and you just can’t pass up those beautiful, signature pink cones!! But their site is loaded with all kinds of fun gift ideas for Mother’s Day or any other time year round.  Their Black Backpack has been custom-designed for the on-the-go roller. It has everything you’ll need to store your gear, including holding joint straps and a laptop sleeve. The bags are smell-proofed with carbon and include combination locks to keep your stash safe!

However you choose to celebrate mom for Mother’s Day, make sure you get her the best cannabis gifts to do so!

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