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RAW Rolling Papers’ $100k Donation Fuels Fight For Justice For Cannabis Prisoners


RAW Rolling Papers, under the charitable arm of RAW Giving, has donated $100,000 to The Weldon Project, a non-profit organization working to reform cannabis laws and rectify the damages they have caused. The donation adds to RAW’s impressive $3 million milestone in contributions, underscoring its unwavering commitment to causes championing social justice within the cannabis community.

The funds will support The Weldon Project’s Mission [Green] initiative, which provides aid and resources for people reentering society after incarceration for cannabis-related offenses. Through this initiative, the organization offers legal assistance, job training and essential support services to ensure successful reintegration for these individuals.

Expressing gratitude for RAW’s contribution, Weldon Angelos, founder of The Weldon Project, emphasized the impact the donation would have, “This generous donation from RAW Giving is a game-changer for us and, more importantly, for the countless individuals who are unjustly suffering because of outdated and unjust cannabis laws. It’s partnerships like these that not only bring financial support but also raise awareness about the crucial need for reform and the importance of giving those impacted by prohibition a second chance at life.”

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Angelos started The Weldon Project after his release from prison following a high-profile case that drew widespread attention and support for his release. Since then, he has been dedicated to advocating for justice for individuals affected by cannabis prohibition.

HBI International, the company behind RAW Rolling Papers, sees the contribution as an extension of its mission to ensure fairness in the cannabis industry. CEO and founder Josh Kesselman remarked, “This donation is reflective of RAW’s commitment to justice and equity in the cannabis community. Nobody should be locked up for using this wonderful plant, and I hope this donation helps many people live the lives they deserve. Hopefully, this inspires others to join us in supporting justice for all people harmed by the War on Drugs.”

Together, RAW Giving and The Weldon Project are pushing for a future where cannabis laws are equitable and those harmed by prohibition are given the opportunities they deserve.

For more information on The Weldon Project and to support its mission, visit projectmissiongreen.org or theweldonproject.org.

Cover image by Javier Hasse

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