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Review: Purple Churro by FloraCal


Before legalization, purple weed had its own mythology. Old heads spoke of special growing techniques, special locations it could be cultivated, and of course, about how much higher it could get you. Today, we’ve got more facts about anthocyanin-rich flower but my interest still piques when I see purple in a cultivar name. The latest cut to grab my attention is Purple Churro from FloraCal, so I stopped into Sunnyside Champaign and picked up a sample to review.

Purple Churro is a hybrid cross of Cinnamon Horchata and Apples and Bananas, originally created by Compound Genetics. This batch of flower tested at 0.55% THC, 28.77% THCa, and 29.32% total cannabinoids.

Purple Churro by FloraCal

ILNJ photo

Four dense and tightly trimmed colas were thicker at the center than the base or tip. Core coloration of bright-turf green was almost entirely shrouded by deep-purple pieces of sticky-sugar leaf and an amber-trichome frost concentrated at the creases. These flowers were dry to the touch but fluffed up after grinding.

The top of the aroma was a sweet fruit forward mix of candied berry, cherry, lilac, and dried fig. After the initial sweetness, musk and hot asphalt undertones came through at the finish. On the palate, Purple Churro was notably “purple” tasting with notes of lilac and artificial berry at the top end, followed by a cream note, then more of the musk and asphalt combination adding some earthy complexity.

FloraCal places Purple Churro in the sativa category, but the effects were much more indica leaning. Heavy eyelids and a weighted sensation in my upper chest and arms hit me before the end of the bowl. My awareness closed off, and I became focused on what was right in front of me but a playful and irreverent attitude kept me from using the focus for work. The back end of Purple Churro consistently delivered a case of the munchies and a long lasting anti-anxiety window. For more Illinois News Joint reviews, visit here.

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Purple Churro by FloraCal

ILNJ photo

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