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Pisces Strains: 8 Best Strains for Pisces Season

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Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, symbolized by two fish locked in an eternal orbit; the image is simultaneously fluid and rigid. And like its iconography, Pisces energy is dramatic on its surface, but soft and yielding within, a juxtaposition of galaxy brain wisdom and childlike naivete that’s earned the sign a reputation as both badass and baby soft.

Pisces vibes are spiritual, dramatic, fantastical, and ephemeral, so if the Zodiac days between February 18th and March 19th got you feeling a bit more tender than usual, consider channeling that energy with these cultivars. They may just help you creatively transmute that energy well past the crossover from winter into spring.

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Beautiful Nightmare

Beautiful Nightmare is a peppy, energetic hybrid of Blue Dream and Black Maduro that reportedly delivers a euphoric, mood-mollifying head high and a smooth, effervescent body high. Depending on your resting state, this strain can also be an agent of relaxation, so use it with intuition and intention, just like a Pisces would.

Expect a sour fruit nose and a mossy, citrusy exhale.

Dark Side of the Moon

Stoners who prefer ultra-relaxing highs might appreciate the syrupy, powerfully sedative qualities of Dark Side of the Moon, a rare cross of Spirit in the Sky and Green Ribbon BX. Consumers report this cultivar’s effects as peaceful, dreamy, and psychotropic enough to justify its iconic title.

Stoners looking to experience Picese vibes via a luxurious, super-spacey head high and a velvety, couch-locked body buzz should secure a sack ASAP.

Expect a funky-sweet perfume and a berry-botanical exhale.

Harmony Rose

If your Pisces season stash box needs a balanced, mood-boosting, high-CBD hybrid that’s responsive enough for day or night, consider this Afghan phenotype with a 1:1 profile that’s prized by recreational and therapeutic consumers alike.

Reported effects include a cool, stress-relieving head high and a sparkling, elastic body buzz. In addition to breezy stress relief, medical consumers report potential relief from arthritis and chronic pain.

Expect a flowery nose with funky notes of coffee and wood, and an earthy, bittersweet exhale.

Lavender Diesel

Lavender Diesel, a heady cross of Lavender and NYC Diesel, is a potent cultivar that reportedly delivers a deep-thinking, social, and balanced euphoria that lingers long after the high has evaporated. The body buzz is a mix of fizz and relaxation that’s versatile enough for giggly social or intergalactic solo sessions — just like Pisces energy.

Therapeutic consumers describe effects that include potential relief from tremors, chronic pain, and restlessness.

Expect a skunky floral perfume and a sweet skunky exhale.

Mt. Hood Magic

Bred from a cross of two perennially beloved strains — Northern Lights and Durban Poison — Mt. Hood Magic errs on the sedative side of the spectrum with bright, uplifting streaks. This signature Northwest cultivar delivers distinctly Piscean vibes that are creative, introspective, and euphoric in the head and comfortable, cozy, and restorative in the body. Consider this your full moon magic, ’round the campfire, journaling-and-reflecting-before-bed strain.

Expect an aggressive flowery funk in the nose and a sour lemon exhale.


For those who prefer lower (<15%) THC percentages, Oracle might be worth stocking up on. This rare, three-way cross of Euphoria Unlimited, Elephant, and Ultra Fast Upstate delivers balanced head and body effects that include uplifting, mood-mellowing head highs, and a soothing, elastic body buzz that is either mildly stimulating or lightly sedative depending on the consumer’s resting state.

Expect a grassy, woody perfume and vanilla, berry-sweet exhale.

Star Tonic

Another prized hybrid whose balanced effects are both stimulating and relaxing, Star Tonic is a rare cross of Death Star and Cannatonic. Star Tonic boasts a potent CBD percentage (>12%) that typically outshines a more restrained THC percentage (<10%). The ratio may be appealing to therapeutic consumers, but recreational consumers take note: this phenotype typically delivers powerfully creative and mood-soothing effects that might be what’s needed to nourish your inner Pisces.

Expect a piney, woody skunk aroma and a sweet lemon exhale.

Crown Royale

Picsean energy is low-key noble as heck. Tap into your own noble vibes with Crown Royale, a cross of Blueberry and Purple Kush that reportedly delivers deeply luxurious and borderline opulent head and body highs.

Consumers report an energetic, crystalline head high that is third eye-soothing and a weighted-blanket body high that practically demands chaise lounging or spa snoozing. Therapeutic consumers describe relief from gastrointestinal disorders, chronic pain, migraines, and muscle spasms.

Expect a sharp pine perfume and a tropical funk exhale.

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