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Exploring the Different Types of Zucchini Plants | Gardening Guide


(Last Updated On: May 1, 2024)

Zucchini, a prolific summer squash, is favored by gardeners for its versatility and relatively easy care. If you’re thinking of adding zucchini to your garden, knowing about the different types of zucchini plants can help you choose the best variety for your needs. This blog post explores several types of zucchini plants, highlighting their distinct features and providing tips on how to grow them effectively. Let’s dive in!

Types of Zucchini Plants

Zucchini is a staple in many gardens due to its versatility and ease of growing. While there are likely thousands of different types of zucchini plants available globally, we’ve selected a handful that are particularly excellent for home gardens. These varieties offer a range of colors, shapes, and flavors, each with unique growing characteristics and benefits. Whether you’re looking to experiment with different culinary uses or simply want to diversify your garden’s visual appeal, these zucchini types are sure to enhance your gardening experience and yield delicious results. Here are some standout varieties that are well-suited to the home gardener.

1. Black Beauty Zucchini

The ‘Black Beauty’ is a classic zucchini variety known for its productivity and ease of growth. This type of zucchini plant produces dark green, almost black fruits that are best harvested when 6 to 8 inches long. The plants are compact and bushy, making them ideal for smaller gardens or containers. Purchase here at Wood Prarie Farm and use code PMG5 for 5% off.

  • Growing Tips: Plant in fertile, well-drained soil and ensure they receive plenty of sunlight. Regular watering and fertilizing will keep them thriving.

2. Golden Zucchini

Golden zucchini sports a bright yellow color, making it a vibrant addition to any garden. These plants are just as productive as their green counterparts but offer a sweeter, milder flavor. They tend to mature a bit quicker than green varieties, so keep an eye out for rapid growth.

  • Growing Tips: Similar to Black Beauty, golden zucchini plants need full sun and regular watering. Their striking color can be a visual reminder to check for readiness to harvest.

3. Round Zucchini (Ronde de Nice)

Round zucchini, particularly the ‘Ronde de Nice’ variety, is perfect for stuffing due to its unique shape. These types of zucchini plants are bushy and yield round, green fruits that are both delicious and decorative.

  • Growing Tips: Harvest these when they’re about the size of a tennis ball for the best flavor and texture. Like other types, they require sun and moist, fertile soil.

4. Costata Romanesco Zucchini

This Italian heirloom variety is distinguished by its ribbed, pale green fruits and distinctive nutty flavor. The Costata Romanesco zucchini is less prolific than other types but makes up for it with its superior flavor and texture. Purchase here at Wood Prarie Farm and use code PMG5 for 5% off.

  • Growing Tips: Give these plants more space as they tend to spread out. They thrive in rich soil with consistent moisture and benefit from regular feeding.
Costata Romanesco Zucchini

5. Tatume (Mexican Zucchini)

Tatume is often grown in Mexico and Texas and can be used either as summer squash or allowed to mature into a winter squash. It’s versatile and has a slightly different flavor profile from more common types of zucchini.

  • Growing Tips: This type of zucchini plant prefers warm conditions and plenty of space to sprawl. It’s a vining variety, so consider providing support or ample ground space for it to spread.

6. Organic Cocozelle Zucchini

For gardeners seeking a slightly different variety, the Organic Cocozelle Zucchini is a fantastic choice. This summer squash features big bushy plants that produce thinner, green striped fruits. Not only are they delicious, but they also add a decorative touch to your garden.

  • Growing Tips: These zucchini plants are ideal for those who enjoy frequent harvesting, as they continue to produce throughout the season. Ensure they have plenty of space to grow and thrive in well-drained soil.
  • Purchase Link: If you’re ready to start growing Organic Cocozelle Zucchini, you can purchase your seeds here. Don’t forget to use the code PMG5 at checkout for 5% off!

7. DARIO F1 Zucchini:

This eye-catching variety features improved, more defined lime green striping and boasts an open plant habit for easier picking. Known for its disease resistance and attractive, long, slender fruits that hold well after harvest. It delivers a sweeter flavor than most Cocozelle types, making it a standout in any garden. This hybrid, Cocozelle-type zucchini is upright, single-stemmed, and should be harvested at 10-12 inches, presenting a bush-type habit. Purchase it here from High Mowing Seeds.

DARIO F1 ZUCCHINI – High Mowing Seeds

8. Dunja F1 Zucchini

The Dunja F1 Zucchini stands out for its excellent disease resistance and high yields of straight, glossy green fruits. It’s a robust performer, especially noted for surpassing varieties like Payroll F1 in powdery mildew resistance and productivity.

  • Growing Tips: Dunja F1’s compact and single-stemmed bush-type habit makes it ideal for smaller gardens. Harvest the zucchinis when they reach 7-8 inches to enjoy their best flavor and texture.

Ready to start your Dunja F1 Zucchini garden? You can find these seeds at High Mowing here.

9. Desert F1 Zucchini

The Desert F1 Zucchini is renowned for its resilience and productivity, especially in hot climates. This variety boasts dark green, slightly speckled fruits that are as attractive as they are delicious.

  • Growing Tips: Desert F1 thrives in open, sunny spaces and benefits from regular watering. It is drought tolerant and should be harvested when fruits reach 7-8 inches for optimal flavor and texture.

Ready to grow robust Desert F1 Zucchini in your garden? Find these seeds at High Mowing here.

DESERT F1 ZUCCHINI – Highmowning Seeds

10. Goldy F1 Zucchini

Goldy F1 Zucchini is renowned for its vibrant, long, slender yellow fruits that stand out with white flesh and contrasting green stems. This variety offers heavy yields and a high percentage of marketable fruits, making it a favorite for both home gardens and markets.

  • Growing Tips: Goldy F1 features an open, bush-type habit with few spines, simplifying the harvesting process. For the best taste and quality, harvest the fruits when they reach 8-10 inches in length.

Ready to add a splash of color to your garden with Goldy F1 Zucchini? You can find these seeds at High Mowing here.

Where to Buy Different Types of Zucchini Plants That are Organic

If you’re looking to purchase organic zucchini plants, it’s crucial to source from reputable suppliers who provide high-quality seeds. Here are two excellent options for organic zucchini seeds:

1. Wood Prairie Farm

Wood Prairie Farm offers a variety of organic vegetable seeds, including several types of zucchini. They are known for their commitment to sustainable farming practices and high-quality organic seeds. You can explore their selection of organic squash seeds to find the perfect zucchini variety for your garden.

  • Visit Wood Prairie Farm: For a diverse selection of organic zucchini seeds, check out their offerings here.

2. High Mowing Seeds

High Mowing Organic Seeds is another excellent source for organic zucchini seeds. They provide a wide range of certified organic seeds, ensuring you receive only the best quality for your gardening projects. Their seeds are non-GMO and grown using organic farming methods, perfect for the eco-conscious gardener.

  • Visit High Mowing Seeds: To purchase organic zucchini seeds from High Mowing, click here.

These suppliers offer a great variety of zucchini types, each suited for different gardening needs and preferences, all while adhering to organic standards. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener, these trusted sources can help you get your organic garden off to a great start.

Growing Spacing & Vertical Growing

When planning your zucchini garden, spacing is crucial for healthy growth. Each zucchini plant should be given about 4 square feet of space if you’re utilizing a square foot gardening method. This allows each plant enough room to spread out and access sufficient nutrients and sunlight.

Additionally, if you’re limited on space, consider growing zucchini vertically. Vertical gardening helps save space and can reduce the likelihood of pest infestations and diseases. Trellises, stakes, or cages can support the growth of zucchini plants upwards instead of outwards. For more insights on vertical gardening, see our post here.

Plan My Garden – Your Personal Garden Planning Tool

Need help planning your zucchini garden? Our ‘Plan My Garden‘ tool can assist you in creating an optimized layout for your garden, whether you’re working with a vast area or a small plot. This interactive tool helps tailor your garden plan to your specific conditions and preferences, ensuring you get the best yield from your zucchini plants. Check out ‘Plan My Garden‘ to start planning today!


Exploring the different types of zucchini plants can make your gardening more enjoyable and fruitful. Each variety offers something unique, whether it’s in appearance, flavor, or growth habit. By selecting the right type for your garden conditions and culinary preferences, you can maximize your harvest and enjoy fresh zucchini all summer long. Don’t forget to experiment with different types to find your favorites!

Which type of zucchini plant are you thinking about growing this season? Have you had success with any of the varieties mentioned above? Let us know!

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