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Greenlight Garage 420 Cannabis Farmers Market Photo Gallery


Greenlight Garage 420 Cannabis Farmers Market Photo Gallery 0
Photos: Greenlight Garage

Greenlight Garage attracted nearly 3,000 cannabis enthusiasts to Springfield, Illinois over the 4/20 weekend to celebrate its grand opening with food, music, and a premium selection of products from local vendors. Decorated as an “old-school” vintage garage with a welcoming atmosphere and eclectic charm, Greenlight Garage hopes to establish itself as a vibrant hub where locals can explore, discover, and connect with their favorite cannabis brands. The space draws inspiration from the inclusive and community-focused spirit of Greenlight’s The Underground cannabis farmer’s market, aiming to foster direct connections between consumers and brands, empowering enthusiasts to discover new products and engage with industry leaders.

“As part of the community, our goal is to create more than just a retail space,” said John Mueller, CEO and Co-Founder of Greenlight. “We’re building a destination where cannabis enthusiasts can come together to explore and connect with their favorite brands in a face-to-face conversational environment.”

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